Assistant Principal Report 

Assistant Principal

- Mrs. Sue Simadri

Head-Start 2019

Westall Secondary College students will commence their 2019 classes prior to the end of the year. The “roll over” for all Year 8-12 classes will commence on Monday, 3rd December, at which time all students will begin work in the next year level.  VCE and VCAL Headstart will run for one week, finishing on Friday, 7th December.  Year 8-10 Headstart will run until Friday, 14th December. Attendance during the Headstart period is compulsory. Students are required to attend in full school uniform and with all required equipment (with the exception of textbooks), to enable their full participation in classroom activities. Students will commence course material and work towards their first assessment. They will be issued with holiday homework, which must be completed and submitted to subject teachers on their return to school next year.


Headstart will enable a seamless transition from one year to the next, providing students with a substantial understanding of the requirements in all subjects.


The last day of school for all senior students is Friday 7th December.


The last day of school for all Year 8 to 10 students is Friday 14th December.

Graduation Night and Awards Assembly

The College Graduation Night will be held at 6:30pm on Thursday, 29th November, at the Clayton Church of Christ. We look forward to acknowledging our highest performing students across the school, particularly those in Year 12, in academic as well as co-curricular areas. This event will be followed by the Awards Assembly at 10:30am on Friday, 30th December, where the focus will be on recognising student achievements across Years 7-11. We invite all families to join us in these celebrations. 

Year 11 and Year 10 Exams

Approximately 200 of our Year 10/11 students will be undertaking formal end of semester assessments over the next couple of weeks. It is important that students prepare thoroughly and ensure that they seek assistance from their teachers as needed.

Attached is an article from Dr Jason Fox, on what students can do to 'win the exam game', and how parents can best support their children.