Hi everyone


Canteen's final special event for 2022 will be held on Monday 5th Dec - 'Santa's Starving' Bento Lunch.

Orders are now live on My School Connect and must be completed before 9.30am on Tuesday 29th November. Please look for the green thumbs up after your order has been finalised, so I receive your order.


I would love helpers on the day between 10.30am-1.30pm. Please leave your details at the office or log in to My School Volunteer and add your name to the roster. 

Look forward to chocolate and coffee! :)


2023 Planning:

Canteen will open on Tuesdays and Thursdays once again next year. I'm starting to plan our roster and would love some new faces! Canteen relies on the generosity of our families and friends to be able to continue to offer our wide and healthy menu. 

Please consider helping (even just once a term) and feel free to dob in a friend - I'm happy to roster you on together. If there are specific dates you need, I'm happy to facilitate.

Sign up notices have been sent home with youngest students, or please print from the link below.


Thank you