Technology News

Technology Classes

This Term in technology the Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students have been focusing on their digital technology and coding skills.

In Minecraft we've been learning to move around, collect and use items, and build different structures.


With our robots we have been learning to code and solving small engineering challenges, using Lego to adapt the robots to their tasks.


On the iPads we've been using Scratch Jr. to create interactive artworks and games.


On the VR Headsets students have been continuing their other-world adventures, revisiting our virtual pet Bogo who they met in Term 2.


With the Year 2, 3, 4 Laptop rollout completed students are now learning the basics of owning a Laptop. Each student in Year 2 and above has a touch-typing account, which will be used to support students to learn touch-typing, an invaluable skill for their schooling and beyond. 


Grade 2TW averaged 10 words per minute, just ahead of 2KH with a close 9 words per minute. 

Grades 5/6 sees 5/6M out in front with 20 words per minute, and 5/6C just behind on 17 words per minute.

Those numbers are going to go up and up as students both practice and use their devices.


Over the next few weeks classes will also begin our digital literacy program, learning the skills and knowledge required to be safe and productive in a digital environment.


Keep typing and creating!

-Mr Taylor