Chaplain Chat


Did you know that gratitude has been proven to majorly improve lives? People who regularly practice gratitude are healthier physically, mentally and socially. They are happier with their lives and experience better relationships with their loved ones.


In this chaplain chat I want to challenge you to start your gratitude practice, if you are not already taking time for this. Here are some simple ideas:


-Highlight of the day: each day, write down or mentally note what your highlight was. You can perhaps even share highlights or points of gratitude during a family dinner or bedtime routine!


-Write thank you letters or cards, to express gratitude to other people in your life


-Gratitude jar: grab a mason jar and small notes. Take some time each day/week to write down things you are grateful for on the notes and put these in the jar. On a day when you feel bad, you can read some of these things and think back on those happy moments.


I hope these give you some great ideas. Thank you for reading!


Ms. Alice Romijn

School Chaplain