President's Corner

President's Corner

by Dominic Rizzi


  Public Educators Strike Again! Oakland Educators Association began their strike on February 19th. Oak Grove Educators Association have sent $500 to their strike fund. These monies along with other donations to the OEA strike fund are to help those members who would endure financial hardship as a result of going on strike to help keep teachers on the line. We have seen the strength of UTLA and the community that rallied with them to gain their victories. Now Oakland fights for the same reduction in class sizes, increases to student supports, and livable wage to work and live in Oakland. UTLA striked for 6 days to win the contract language that supports their teachers and students. Oakland is prepared to strike until they win as well.   

  I have enjoyed the opportunity to visit each of our school sites this month.  It is very humbling for me to see the work our members put forth in their classrooms and I am inspired to continue representing you and our students. Thank you for coming out to the lunch rooms and meeting with me to share your stories and express the areas of support you need most.

  Our site-level admin survey was well received and our administrators are eager to receive your input and make the changes they can to support you at your school sites. Thank you to all who participated in the survey. Results will be shared at our representative council on February 27th. A summary report will be generated and shared with admins and the school board.

  OGEA has the honor of sending 3 local members as delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly (RA).  If you are interested in attending the RA as a local delegate from OGEA, OGEA has budgeted to send you! This is an incredible opportunity to rally with educators from across the nation to create policy for the NEA that best supports our students and teachers in our daily practices as public educators. This year, the RA meets in Houston, Texas July 2, 2019 through July 8, 2019. For more information and to review the requirements to be a local delegate, follow the link here: Indicate to if you interested in being a local delegate by March 22.


Upcoming Events include:

CTA/NEA-Retired | San Jose | Feb 28 - March 1

Legislative Brunch | OGEA Office | March 9th

Equity and Human Rights | San Jose | March 1- 3

New Educator Weekend | Burlingame |  Mar 8 - 10

Conference on Racial and Social Justice | San Jose | April 5- 7

Summer Institute | UCLA | July 28 - Aug 1st

Email if you are interested in attending. Learn more about these events at