From the Classroom


End of Semester 1, Term 2 has arrived and it is time to celebrate you child’s achievements. Your child’s report gives you a picture of how your child is academically performing in the classroom. This week we were gathering data for our Professional Learning Community meetings for  next term with a spelling test.  This test involved assessing their ability to hear, segment, blend and write CVC words. I was very proud of their results. Well done Foundation students.

Now that the June/July Holidays are upon us, it is important to relax, recharge and return to school feeling rested and ready to learn.  With so many illnesses circulating within our community it will be important to look after ourselves as best as we can. Enjoy picture story books and the love of reading for the simple pleasures of literature.  The Shepparton and Tatura Library are free and a wonderful place to visit.  Borrowing books is easy.  Check out where the Library Bus is too, as this could be a closer choice. Today we viewed Super Worm and it is a wonderful book to share.  In fact, all Julia Donaldson books are a delight! During the holidays encourage pencil/paper activities where you can, and involve your child in incidental discussions about hearing sounds in words. How many sounds can you hear and count them on your fingers. We do this every day during our Literacy Block.

This week in our Brain Break Relax we are using Colour by Shape/Number activities to calming music with a timer.  It’s been such a beautiful part of our day and the children have responded positively to it.  When the timer chimes to signal the end, they return to the mat and ready to learn. Enjoy the photos!

Miss Kerryn Jarvis is looking forward to her eight weeks and I know everyone will make her feel welcomed. I am excited to spend sometime with my daughter who has just flown into Melbourne and help her set up a BNB apartment in Fitzroy.  Let me know if you need a place to stay! Walking distance to St Vincent’s Hospital, as well as Brunswick St and Smith St cafes/bars.

Happy Holidays everyone!