Arts and Technology Week 


Arts and Technology Week will be held next week. This week is a highlight in the KSC Arts & Technology calendar and is a great way to showcase examples of students' works, providing an appreciation of the skills and knowledge displayed across a number of  areas.


There will be many interactive activities for students  to participate in as well as a number of competitions. 


Click on the poster below for details of  the Arts competition.  The due date for this competition has been moved to 21 May 2019.  




 Adobe workshop with Dr Tim Kitchen 

On Monday May 13 some of the KSC Arts students participated in an amazing workshop presented by  Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe.


Year 12 Media and VCD, Yr 11 VCD and Yr 10 VCD students were able to experiment with Adobe programs such as Character Animator, Spark Products, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat.

Dr Tim Kitchen amazed, inspired and engaged the digital awareness of KSC students through digital literacy. It was a very creative day and KSC students were very fortunate to be able to be part of this free digital literacy experience.

Thank you so much Dr Tim Kitchen



Helen Briffa

Arts Domain Leader



Helen Briffa 

Arts Domain Leader

Artist of the Week - Alex Liang 

Congratulations to Alex Liang (9D)  who has been selected as KSC first Artist of the Week. Alex completed this Intaglio Etching as part of his Year 9 Printing Assessment task.



 Alex Liang has created an amazing intaglio etching artwork for Year 9 Art. Alex has used a variety of rendering techniques like hatching and cross hatching to create a range of textured lines on his work. Alex has applied the intaglio ink across his etching plate with sophistication and the effect is a strong final artwork. Alex was at times the messiest printer in the class but has managed to create such a complex and intricate final which highlights that everyone can work in different ways to have success. Congratulations Alex!


Please read what Alex has written to describe his art piece:



‘Crab’ intaglio print in yellow and black

I enjoyed making this intaglio print because I had always had a love for different types of animals from the common household pet to various exotic creatures. I also used to have a crab of my own. I sketched out the crab first and then I used that sketch to scratch the image into a plastic plate. After that I experimented with various different colours to find the best colours for my final piece. I ended up using yellow and black since I wanted it to resemble a hazard sign because, of course, you don’t want to step on a crab. Throughout the creation of this piece I learnt about intaglio etching as it was my first time doing it. I also learnt about how the different colours of intaglio ink work together to create the desired effect. I found using the ink challenging as it is much thicker than normal ink, a lot of the time I would use too much ink or wipe too much of it off. Next time, to improve this, I will try to be more accurate with the scratching and use more hatching and cross-hatching.  

Alex Liang 9D


Amy McLellan

Visual Arts/Technology Teacher