2021 Term Dates


Term 2                           Monday 19th April - Friday 25th June

24th June                      End of Term @ 3.15pm

24th June                      Parent teacher Interviews 3.40pm-8.00pm (Google Meet)

25th June                      Parent teacher Interviews 9.00am-1.00pm (Google Meet)


Term 3                           Monday 12th July - Friday 17th September

20th July                        School Photos (NEW DATE)

12th August                 Yr 6 Students visit to St Patrick's 

15th  August                 Confirmation Y6 2021@ 2pm

31st August                  Father's Day Breakfast

2nd September           Father's Day Stall


Term 4                           Monday 4th October - Wednesday 15th December

5 - 6 October               Grade 3/4 Camp to Sovereign Hill

1st November             School Closure Day 

26th November          Christmas Market 

9th December            Yr 6 Graduation Mass 6pm

10th December          5/6 Bike Ride

13th December          Christmas Carols 6pm

15 December              End of Year Mass