Religious Education 


Be strong, and let your heart take courage,

 all you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24 

Dear Parents


Last week some of our Year Four students celebrated their First Eucharist. It was wonderful that the children were able to have some family members present to help celebrate the sacrament.

Below are some of the children's reflections about their First Eucharist.



My First Eucharist was pretty exciting because I got to eat The Body of Christ. As soon as I got to church I felt nervous and excited. When I sat down I thought I was going to make a mistake or mess up on the prayer that I was doing but I read it really well. After mass ended, my family and I took some photos with each other and afterwards I felt happy because now I get to receive the Body of Christ at mass now.


Sophie Major: 

My First Eucharist experience was very exciting because I got to connect with God. I was really happy afterwards because I got to talk to my family and take photos so I will always remember my special day. I also got to go out to a cafe where I got to talk and celebrate some more. I am very happy that I can have communion now and receive it every time I go to mass.


Sophie Maher: 

I felt excited and nervous when I made my First  Eucharist.I was excited because it was my special day to receive The Body of Christ and nervous because I had to read in front of everyone at mass. Now that my communion is over, I can say I had a really good day and feel really proud of myself.


Lucas Vangeli:

I was nervous when I woke up on Sunday because I was making my First Eucharist and I had to read a Prayer of the Faithful in front of everyone. However, I read confidently and felt okay at the end. I was really excited about my First Eucharist and I will never forget eating the bread for the first time.


Nicholas Jenkinson: 

I was quite nervous making my First Eucharist because I was worried I was going to mess up the reading. I was also excited though because I wanted to connect more with God and Jesus. Once I got up on the altar I felt really scared but when I started reading, I felt OK. Overall it was a good experience and I am happy that I am now more connected with Jesus and God.  


Mia Piraino:

It was an exciting experience making my first Eucharist because I really wanted to taste the bread and to receive The Body of Christ. After I received The Body of Christ I was excited because I could talk to my family, eat cake and take lots of photos to remind me of this special occasion.


Mia Rossios:

Making my First Holy Communion was exciting but I was also a tiny bit nervous because I was going to receive The Body of Christ for the first time. As I received communion I felt like I was a part of God's family and that I could follow in His footsteps. I will remember and reflect on this moment forever.


Christiaan Bakker

I was nervous about making my First Eucharist because I had to read but when I went up I read fabulously. Everyone clapped at the end of mass and my parents were very impressed when it was finished. I was happy. When I went home I celebrated with my favorite food and some presents from my mum and family.



My experience of First Communion made me feel excited and nervous. Now I feel more connected to the Catholic Church. After I received communion for the first time, I silently said my prayer. I was so thankful that I got to make my First Holy Communion.



Making my Holy Communion made me feel like I was following in Jesus’ footsteps. I had been praying for this day for a while. I felt upset when it was postponed the first two times because I really wanted to celebrate my Eucharist but that made me want to have it even more. I loved it.



My Holy Communion was really good. I loved it so much. I am so lucky to be able to have The Body of Christ and to be part of the Church community. I got to catch up with my uncles and aunties and cousins at the mass and I was also very lucky to make my Holy Communion with my best friends. I was connecting with God the whole day I was very focused and entertained at the mass.



My communion was great and amazing I felt excited and I couldn’t wait, we got to pray and it was very spiritual. I got to connect with God the whole way through the day and I even got to do my communion with my friends Lyle, Mia P , Mia R it was the best day ever.