Foundation Students

Celebrating our  fabulous Foundies!

FA - Miss Zoe

Vowel Clouds:

Foundation A have been learning about the special group of letters called the ‘vowels'. We include ‘y’ as it is a sometimes vowel as ‘i’ was very naughty and was banned from being at the end of an English word by the letter ‘Q’ – our letter queen. The children love hearing these stories and we always spell words such as ‘my’ and ‘by’ perfectly now! There is always a gasp from students if Miss Zoe models her sounding out on the board and tries to put an ‘i' at the end of the word!


Letters to Bear (Miss Zoe’s dog).

Students have been learning to write letters. They have learnt that we write ‘To’ and ‘From' on a line by themselves and that we write both questions and statements. There was video evidence of Miss Zoe’s dog Bear receiving his letters and he even wrote back too - with drool and a pawprint included! Here is Josie’s beautiful letter. Great work, Josie!


FB - Miss Ady

We have been enjoying lots of activities that are helping us to build our sense of number, with a focus on subtraction over the past few weeks.

Ella C really enjoyed squishing playdough balls and using tens frames to help her find the answer to some problems.


Over the past few weeks we have been revising our handwriting skills. It is very important that we know where to start our letters and in which direction our pencil needs to travel. Eva L is an expert – she really takes her time and is keeping her teacher on her toes! Amazing fine motor control, Eva!


FC - Miss Lou and Mrs Clancy

Foundation C have been learning all about digraphs. The students participated in an activity focusing on 3 and 4 letter words that make a different amount of sounds. For example - 'chin' has four letters but makes three sounds. This piece has been completed by Sophie S. 


Foundation C have become excellent writers this semester. This is an example of recount writing about their weekend. They are sounding out words beautifully with excellent letter formation.