The Arts  

Design & Tech

We are resilient and we love to use our creativity to design, make and create. We are brave when we showcase our skills. 

This year we have been exploring the Arts and Design and Technology through story books.


The ARTS consists of visual arts, drama, music and dance. This is a great opportunity for students to express themselves creatively and learn new skills. The types of activities we explore during this time might include:

Visual arts- using all sorts of media and techniques to create pieces of art including paints, pencils, crayons and textas. As well as critiquing pieces of artwork. 

Drama- acting out scenes of books or turning our bodies into characters or animals. 

Music- exploring sounds when listening and making musics through body percussion and musical instruments. Exploring beat, rhythm and singing. 

Dance- moving our bodies to music, learning dances and creating our own steps. 





Design and Technology

Through exploration, design and problem- solving, students learn how technologies work.

In Design and Technologies students design and create solutions to challenges through structured play and discovery, by safely using materials and equipment.

There are three stages to Design and Technology. The first is researching an idea and the second is thinking about and wondering how you can put this idea into motion. The third is planning and designing your idea, considering the equipment and materials you might need and the last component is critiquing what has been created.

Students also learn how to work safely online, represent data as pictures, symbols and diagrams, and sequence steps to solve simple problems.


We will be reading The Potato People, The Magic Beach, Edward the Emu and Stick Man to help inspire us to design, make and create and we cannot wait to share our new learning.