Swimming Program is coming!

Written by Maria, Kim and Cindy on the 6th of September

During Term Four, students at Albanvale Primary School will have the opportunity to take part in the annual swimming program. This program helps students learn the fundamental skills necessary to be able to swim. The Swimming Program will take place over the course of five days in Week Six. 


The program will involve students being place in ability groups with out students and learning closely with a swimming instructor. A variety of different strokes will be taught, based on the student's current ability. This is a program that is always thoroughly enjoyed by all of our students and is a memory that they will hold onto for the remainder of their time at Albanvale Primary School. More details will be released shortly on Compass, but the key information has been listed below:


When is the program taking place?

Monday - Friday, Week Six


What time will each year level be taking part in the Swimming Program?

Preps:  9am to 10am

1/2: 10am to 11am

3/4: 11am to 12am

 5/6: 12am to 1pm 


What do students need to bring to the Swimming Program?

-swimming clothes 


-spare underwear 

-water bottle (we will not be bringing any food) 


Where will the Swimming Program take place?

The new Brimbank Aquatic Centre