The Special class that 

is 3/4S!

Written by Iclal and Tracey on the 06th of September

What is so special about this class? Let’s find out!

For this week’s class we have 3/4S, one of the classes that are part of the school's amazing 3/4 cohort. As part of the class spotlight we interviewed two of the delightful kids, asking them some questions about what they do in reading, writing and mathematics and really what has been going on within their amazing class. They were happy to answer, and this was what they said:

We interviewed Van and Ajla
What makes your class such a special place to learn in?

We love to learn new things like division and Synthesising. Our teacher makes these things creative and gets us thinking about the different topics that we are learning. Our classmates are good to work with and helps us learn.


What is your class doing at the moment in Reading?

We are learning to synthesise. This means to combine our prior knowledge with your new knowledge. By doing this we can talk about all the new things we have learnt about the topic.


What is your class doing at the moment in Writing?

We are writing a Discussion text. This means that you write reasons for each side of an issue and talk about the positives and negatives. By doing this we can take all the information in before making our decision.


What is your class doing at the moment in Mathematics?

In Maths we are learning about Chance and Data. We learn how to define that situations by the likelihood of them occurring. By doing this we can talk about how this helps us decide what we are doing. 


What is your favourite part about being a student at Albanvale Primary School?
It is a fun place to learn at and socialise. The people here are awesome and so much fun to play with. As well as this there are nice students and staff and this helps us to learn.

It is clear that the students in 3/4S are doing some awesome work and this has allowed the class to learn some great things. We will be back next week to highlight the great work that another of Albanvale Primary School Classes work is doing.