The Grade Fives are Kidprenuers!

Written By Anna and Melissa on 06/09/2022

Kidpreneur is a combination of 'kids' and 'entrepreneurs' who pretend to start businesses, gaining money to help the school and leading movements in spaces traditionally dominated almost exclusively by adults. But being a kidpreneur is not only about starting a business. It's also about having the mindset of an entrepreneur, which can be taught to kids at any age. Remember that kidpreneur of all ages are constantly growing and learning new ways to empower and express themselves. Providing opportunities for lifelong learning and problem solving, while exposing children to various perspectives and viewpoints, will ensure that their kidpreneur mindset is continually strengthened.

Holding birds and eating pizza together.


During Kidpreneur, students get grouped up into teams and each brainstorm what their ‘business’ should be related to. After they plan it out they start to buy the equipment and necessities they require to start the business and create the item they are planning to sell. Then finally they create a logo for their business and advertise their product around their school for sale.