Year Six Program, 

Here We Come!

Written by Mehmed and David on 06/09/2022

In the year 6 program at the end of the year students get to go to the big day. This involves going to a water park and staying till approximately 7:00pm. As well as this, Year Sixes get to select electives which involve different types of work. This is an amazing opportunity because it is the grades 6's final year and final term. To make things even better, lockers will be supplied to allow students to get ready for the upcoming high school.


The big day out involves going to a water park and getting to swim and slide down slides. A barbeque is also prepared and dinner is provided at a fancy restaurant, which is delicious. We are very excited for this experience and are grateful for this opportunity that Albanvale primary school are giving all the grade 6s. This the best last day we could think of to finish up our primary school and to enjoy our time at Albanvale Primary School.


In the last term students will get to choose what they want to learn and it will be set up like an actual high school. A big part of this is the electives that are on offer. Some of these may include Food Tech, Science, Woodwork etc. By doing this, the school is hoping to prepare the grade sixes for high school. All students really appreciate this idea and the hard work put in to make this happen by Albanvale primary school. To further this experience, Grade Sixes will be given their own lockers so that the final term can be just like the high school experience.