VCAL Mug Project

 Thank You!

The 12Z PDS Class wanted to acknowledge the work that the teachers and ES staff did during the first round of remote learning . Students took charge of the project coming up with designs, working out what would go into the personalised mugs, and the budget. Students then had to work around dealing with supply issues and availability of items. They adjusted their plans when they realised that World Teacher Day was 5th October, feeling that this was a great way to show their appreciation to all staff and their work during 2020. 


When the second period of remote learning occurred students took this in their stride and worked out ways to complete the mugs during lockdown. Students coordinated with their teacher Megan Dixon to take 'contactless' delivery of cups to decorate and return to school. 


Students who were on site then worked together to fill the cups with goodies for staff.  The team did a fantastic job under challenging circumstances meeting their deadlines. The project manager was Makayla Durston, team members were Logan Corring-Chalmers, Mustafa Akbari, Abas Sarwari, Mariem Alhilfi, Ruqia Alhilfi, Jasmine Mallet.