Education Perfect Languages Competition


Salve a tutti, Konnichi wa, Marhaba, from the Languages team and welcome back to school. 


Over the last three weeks of Term 3, Italian, Japanese, Arabic and Auslan learners engaged in a language competition via our learning portal Education Perfect. 


We would like to acknowledge the amazing effort of all our wonderful students who collectively completed 630 hours across the period, averaging 65 minutes per individual, with a staggering 131,080 questions answered, equating to 218 questions each. A massive effort! In the last 10 days of the event, we saw a battle royal in the medal race. Congratulations to the following students for their enthusiasm and work. 


Hussain Abdelhadi took out the win for top participant and receives a $50 voucher to a store of his choice. The class results were equally impressive with the outright winner being Signorina Fantone’s Year 7 Green on 8,121 who won a $100 pizza party. A special mention to the Japanese Year 7 Super class and the Italian VCE class for their efforts.


Another competition will take place mid term, so if you didn’t manage to get going with it this time, check it out and see if your class can take out the win.




                            Congratulazioni, Omedetoo, Tahanina/Mabrouk and