Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates during WebEx assemblies on the following dates:

Friday 13th November

Harkeerat K (PA) - For demonstrating perseverance in learning her sounds and being able to blend to read.  Keep up the amazing work, Harkeerat.

Jordy O (PA) - For being such a positive and happy class member.  He makes me smile and laugh on a daily basis and is such a great friend to all.

Nate I (PB) - For completing an incredible writing piece about Dusty's missing puppy!  You are a superstar writer!

Jed P (12A) - For tackling all his learning tasks with a great attitude and always Listening Attentively to his teachers and friends.  Keep it up, Jed!

Brandon P (12B) - For consistently doing his Personal Best; answering questions and sharing ideas during class discussions, volunteering to read a letter to the class demonstrating fluency and how to engage an audience and moving into a new spelling group and rising to the challenge.  You are a superstar, Brandon!

Matilda F (12C) - For showing incredible perseverance in tasks, being an amazing friend and making responsible choices in her learning.  Amazing work, Matilda.

Tina V (34B) - For making terrific progress in our information text note taking lessons.  It has been great to see you find treasure words and strive for your Personal Best.  Keep it up!

Meinke S (56A) - For settling into Marlborough with a great positive attitude.  We are so lucky that you have joined our class and look forward to getting to know you.

Mia G (56B) - For working and learning collaboratively with others.  You are always a valued team member, Mia!

Friday 20th November 

Danielle V (PA) - For being a kind and caring friend.  She is always there to help her peers. Danielle jumped straight into "nurse" mode when one of PA was injured.

Matthew R (PB) - For showing amazing determination and persistence when learning your sight words.  Great work!

Lucy B (12B) - For demonstrating perseverance and demonstrating pride in her artistic skills.  Lucy shared her 'work in progress' of her illustration of Kipo the cat, taking pride in her work.  Lucy pays attention to detail and amazes us with her talent.

Rudra S (12C) - For making a fantastic return to school and always showing Mutual Respect values to his peers.  Fantastic work, Rudra.

Dylan C (34A) – For working hard during maths sessions to improve his division skills. I was so pleased to see you try to challenge yourself during our last division session. Keep up the great attitude, Dylan. 

Ben R (34B) - For demonstrating excellent teamwork during Inquiry.  You went above and beyond working collaboratively to find information about your explorer.  Top notch work!

Natasha M (56A) - For working hard at completing tasks. It is great to see her choosing good spots to sit to be able to stay focused.  Keep up the great work!

Gemma S (56B)  - For being a kind, caring and thoughtful member of 56B.  You are highly appreciated by your classmates.  Thank you!