Affordable Cars for Employment (ACE) Information Sheet


What is ACE?


ACE stands for Affordable Cars for Employment. It is an exciting new program that aims to help school leavers get full time work in areas with limited transport options by providing no interest loans to buy safe and reliable cars.

ACE was started by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and is delivered with help from the Commonwealth Bank, ASIC,

RACV, and LeasePlan

Who can join?

You can join ACE if you are planning to work full-time e.g. not working part-time, not studying full-time, and not taking a gap year.

To be eligible for a loan, you must have:

  • a current probationary driver’s licence, and
  • an offer of a full-time job Why join ACE?

With ACE, you can get:

  • Support from a Youth Development Coach to help with you find a full-time job.
  • A no interest loan of up to $10,000 to buy a car that is safe and reliable.
  • Free comprehensive insurance in the first year of the loan with big discounts in the following years. This means big savings e.g. comprehensive insurance for a 2015 Mitsubishi Triton driven by an 18-year-old living in Hastings is approximately $1,900 per annum.

Comprehensive insurance is important because it means you are covered for damage to your car or any damage to someone else’s car/property.

  • Free roadside assistance — an enormous help if you get into trouble out on the road. Normally roadside assistance is in the range of $200 per annum.
  • Free registration for the first year of the loan. Registration is approximately $800 per annum.

»     Free set-up of a CityLink e-tag to travel on Melbourne‘s toll roads.

  • Free training to help you manage your loan, budget, save, prepare your tax returns, and maintain your car.
  • Payment of motor vehicle duty and transfer fees on your behalf by ACE when you buy your car. For a

$10,000 car, motor vehicle duty and transfer fees is approximately $500.

  • A safe and reliable late model car that comes with a roadworthy, full service history, and a high safety rating. How does the program work?

Once signed-up for ACE, a Youth Development Coach will provide you with support and guidance in helping you find

full-time work.

Once you have found full-time work and obtained your driver’s licence, you can get a loan. If approved for the loan, you will:

  • Need to choose a car from the range available.
  • Make regular repayments over the loan period.
  • Attend training sessions that will improve your financial and car maintenance skills. How to find out more

Contact ACE to find out more by calling Sarah Lean-Jones on 0490 291 582 or by emailing