Year 9 & 10

Student Experiences

Over the past few months students in year 9 and 10 have had the opportunity to engage in a number of different experiences.

Year 10 students in the last week of term 3 were involved in work experience. Students were able to experience what it is like to work a full time week and potentially get a greater understanding of what is involved with their dream career. There were over 120 students who took the opportunity to engage with the world of work and staff had the pleasure of visiting them and having some very positive conversations with them about their experiences.

Year 9 students recently visited Deakin University as part of the Future Me program. This program is designed to engage students with the possibilities of work in the future. Along with education around enterprise skills; the skills of the future (things like communication, digital literacy, problem solving). While at Deakin, students were taught communication skills and shown the benefits of body language and a good handshake. The most fulfilling part of the program is when students in groups of 3 or 4 lead conversations with Deakin staff. Some of them are professors, lecturers or excecutives. The Deakin staff were extremely impressed with the way our students presented and held themselves throughout these conversations.

We also had year 9 student Maddie Wilson complete her term at Operation Newstart. She receives an Achievement Award for her growth and development whilst a part of this program. We look forward to seeing her hard work continue throughout the remainder of 2019 and onwards.

A reminder that year 9 students will be completing their City Journey as they present these movies to parents and friends at the Presentation Nights on the following evenings. We expect all students to attend and hope to welcome a number of parents to show their support to our students.

29th Oct – 9 A,B,C,D,E

30th Oct – 9 F,G,H,I,J

Year 10 students should also receive their exam timetables very soon. The exams are 15th to 20th Nov.


Rick Taig