After 18 months of ongoing building works, we are finally seeing the conclusion of the Wellbeing Centre and the upgrade of the Middle School Courtyard. I am excited by both projects, and I know our school community will benefit greatly from the new facilities that have been created.

The Wellbeing Centre will accommodate not only the Wellbeing team, but also the Pathways team and the team managing our students with disabilities. Those teams will come together to work in a more holistic and integrated manner that will streamline the way students are supported and improve the level of service that is provided. It is unusual for a school to have a purpose built facility to house this very important aspect of its operation, and we are grateful for the opportunity to deliver much needed support to our school community.

Our Middle School students have been without a courtyard for most of this semester, but we hope that it will be worth the inconvenience as the new facility is opened. Not only will there be provision for a calm and passive zone, but there is an exciting new active zone that is under construction. Our students will have access to a half-court basketball zone, a four-square area, and a table tennis zone.

The new courtyard and Wellbeing Centre should be able to accommodate the needs of all students and we look forward to the day the construction fencing comes down. Our students deserve the best and I am very proud to be able to say that they will have access to facilities of the highest standard.

John Jovic