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Teaching Science Remotely

I want to acknowledge the extraordinary effort my Year 8 Science class made, during the remote and flexible learning period. Despite the challenges and difficulties, we all faced, I am very impressed by the quality of work produced by our students in Science.  These students demonstrated an immense ability to adapt to new innovative and creative approaches to exploring Science remotely and produced some very outstanding work. 

Ms Lelekakis

Science Teacher 


Student Reflections of Remote Learning Experiences



My remote learning experience for Science has given me a new perspective on how things actually work. We learnt about rocks and how geologists can tell the difference between them just by looking at them. Different properties such as colour, size and roughness can help us determine what type of rock we are studying. I learnt about toothpaste and the different ingredients that are used to make our teeth stronger and healthier. We completed an experiment where we compared three different toothpaste brands to see which one best suited people with porcelain teeth. It was a fun experiment and the results shocked me. Another experiment we undertook was discovering ways to stop soil erosion from occurring. We used many materials that were easy to collect and made the experiment different for all of us. Overall, my remote learning experience was informative, interesting and fun!

Ella-Grace C     8J  


Onsite leaning to remote learning was a smooth transition. The teachers worked extremely hard to organise meetings and provide the correct amount of work for the students to complete during the lessons. For Science classes remote learning, we did a number of experiments that were suitable to do independently at home. One of the experiments that my class completed at home was identifying rocks. Our Science class had to collect three different types of rocks from our gardens/nearest parks and had to identify them by checking which characteristics matched the rocks that we collected. Another experiment that my class completed during remote learning was a scientific report on which we had to design an experiment to try and prevent soil erosion from occurring. Overall, remote learning was a great experience that was organised well by the school and the teachers.

Montanna P       8J


I found that although there were some things that I didn’t enjoy, there were a few perks to learning at home. During remote learning, I was able to choose when I was finished and when I took breaks. The worst part about home school was it could take a long time to get answers to my questions for the teacher as I was not able to ask them in person. I did appreciate the opportunity to spend more time doing things that I liked doing, like playing basketball and watching past NBA games.

Lachie K       8J