KAWS Exhibition Year 10

KAWS Exhibition


KAWS exhibition By Aimeree M

The Year 10 Visual Art and Visual Communication Design classes were given the opportunity to attend the KAWS exhibition in the NGV. By understanding the work behind the creator, Brian Donnelly, it would inspire us to design and create our future art projects.


Within the exhibition, it displayed a variety of Donnelly’s artwork. We saw the progression of his work from starting off as a graffiti artist to his iconic artworks of figurines, canvas paintings and collaborative works. It was fascinating seeing the different artworks and how he integrates his own distinct style through eccentric mediums such as skateboards, soft toys and couches! (I will say that we all found it difficult to restrain ourselves from sitting on it). We were also given a guided tour to develop a further understanding of Brian Donnelly’s life, artistic developments of KAWS and his world-wide impact.


The highlight of the exhibition would definitely be the ‘Play Time’ area. We all had an amazing time engaging with the different activities such as: the photobooth, digital drawing and sticker activities. It was intriguing to view a different approach to establishing his artwork to different audiences.

In addition to visiting the NGV, we were also given the experience in viewing the street art of Hosier Lane located near federation square. Overall, I enjoyed this experience and would mention that it is by far one of my most favourite exhibitions in the NGV! I would highly recommend visiting it!


Kaws Exhibition by Aimee N

Last Tuesday, forty-seven Year 10 students at Taylors Lakes studying Studio Arts and Viscom  attended an excursion to the NGV’s KAWS exhibition. This excursion was aimed to give the students more of an understanding on various art types, including street art, and who KAWS is.


The students met at the local train station and accompanied by staff members Mrs Catania, Mrs Delafonte, and Mrs Rumbelow, set off to the city at 8:47am.  We got off the train at Flinders Street Station, they then walked to the NGV where they had a small lunch break before walking through the exhibition.


After that the students were split into two groups. Group 1 started by taking a tour through the KAWS exhibition, before taking pictures at Hosier Lane and going off and enjoying lunch unsupervised in small groups.


Group 2 started off at Hosier Lane and had lunch, rendezvousing at 1.00pm for their tour.

On the tour the students learned the story, origin and meaning behind some of the pieces done by KAWS and gained a deeper understanding of what each piece may mean. That being said, everyone had a different interpretation, just like any art piece.


The day was eventful and consisted of a lot of waiting or walking, but it was intriguing and enjoyable.