Year 12 Study Camp

Camp Howqua

Having not attended traditional camp for a number of years, camp Howqua was an event we had all been waiting for as a part of our Year 12 experience. This was an opportunity for both teachers and students to form closer relationships with one another, as Year 12 will take us on a roller coaster ride together that we have not yet experienced throughout our high school journey. 


Arriving at Camp Howqua enhanced our excitement, as we saw the place in which we would make many memorable memories that would kick off our year 12 journey. Our cabins had us easily settled in with our best friends, the common room provided the comfiest couches and the camp was surrounded by an abundance of trees.



The camp was filled with plenty of activities to keep us busy and distract us from the lack of phone reception. Activities included low ropes, high ropes, flying fox, study sessions (to which I’m sure we were all very productive), archery, frisbee golf, horse riding, water slide and the survivor challenge. I’m sure that for most of us, the survivor challenge was definitely one of the most memorable activities, where we even shocked ourselves at stepping out of our comfort zones and working in a team amongst the dirt and the mud. Did you really do the survivor challenge if you didn’t walk away with a graze on your leg or a bruise on your body?



The first night the teachers organised a trivia session, where our competitive sides really shined through as groups worked against each other. Even amongst the competitiveness however, the support we had for each other was evident as we cheered each other through the mini games, ready to be serenaded by our peers singing abilities (whether they could actually sing or not), as well as feeling second hand back pain from watching our friends go unbelievably low in limbo. 



The second night involved a student run session by the year 12 student leadership team regarding the issue of making responsible decisions as teenagers. In this session we went through the concerns of driving, consent, partying, substances and friendship. From student leadership to students and people we know as our friends, we felt this session was very personal as we had the opportunity to discuss issues we knew are occurring in each other’s lives. This was followed by several activities also run by student leadership, that allowed students to take part in very unique and team building games that encouraged us to laugh at each other and ourselves. 



Following this was the disco where we had time to dance and party with our friends, followed by being able to wind down with hot chocolate and staying up late making everlasting memories. Whilst this camp gave us a newfound appreciation towards two minute noodles, allowed us to share a coffee with our teachers and celebrate the 2020 seniors with our mascot Joe the cone, it also gave us moment of nostalgia of it being our last school camp. Being our last year, we savour the memories we get to make in High School with our friends and teachers knowing after this we will be going into the ‘real world.’



Thank you to our Year Level Leaders Mr Laganga and Miss Tarquinio and our Sub School Leader Ms Massarotto for all your support, along with the other teachers that came along. We look forward to the year ahead of us.


Anjile Abdeen 12D

School Captain