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Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023.

Cyber Safety Project

On Monday February 6th 2023, we are lucky enough to have secured the Cyber Safety Project to visit and educate the students of Corpus Christi. The aim of the Cyber Safety Project is to enable teachers, parents and families to ensure children can participate safely in the digital world.


As we have had in the past, the Cyber Safety Project will visit Corpus Christi and run a session on all things Cyber Safety with each year level throughout the day.


In the evening, we will host our Chromebook Information  Evening.


Year 3 Students and their parents (as well as any new students/parents) to Corpus Christi from Years 4-6 are invited to attend our Chromebook Information Evening where they will receive their new Chromebooks!

We will also provide details of the Chromebook Program, as well as allow time for any questions that may arise. 


At the end of the session, each student along with their parent/guardian in attendance must sign off on a Chromebook Agreement before the Chromebook is received. 


We are looking forward to working with Cyber Safety Project once again who run the program wonderfully.


Lauren Borg

Stef Poropat

e-Learning Leader