Religious Education and Social Justice

A Prayer for the New School Year

Bless us as we start this new year with our friends and teachers. 

Help us to make the most of every chance we have to start afresh.


May we show love to one another and to all. 

May the new beginning of this school year remind us that you give us chances 

to start over again and again.

Help us to forgive others as we receive 

your forgiveness.


Help us to learn and to work together.

Help us to listen when we should 

and to know the best words when we speak 

and when it is better not to speak.


We thank you for our friends. Help us to be good friends this year.

Help us to be patient with ourselves

 and with others.

Bless our school and keep us safe. 

Be with us as we travel each day.


Bless all those who care for us 

in school and at home.

Help us show our care for them 

and to say sorry when we need to.







2023 Sacrament dates

For your future planning, the proposed dates for our Sacraments in 2023 are as follows:


Sacrament of Confirmation (Year 6): 

Sunday 30th April 11:00 am


Sacrament of the Eucharist (Year 3):

Sunday 18th June 11:00 am


Sacrament of Reconciliation (Year 2):

Tuesday 17th October 6:30 pm


Wishing everyone a very happy and safe year.


Jane Wilkinson

Religious Education Leader