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Celebrating Cultural Diversity Week at Nossal

Bonjour! こんにちは!


This year, Cultural Diversity Week looked a little different to previous years. However, despite the Year 9 students learning from home and the remaining students becoming re-accustomed to school life on campus, the week was still highly successful, with many students becoming involved in the activities offered.


In the ‘Teach Us’ competition, students created a video or other creation to demonstrate a cultural practice, such as making a traditional delicacy; a competition that junior students took part in as part of their language classes for the week. Following many submissions, the best entries in the competition will be judged shortly – with results to be announced soon!


Another way both senior and junior students participated in competitions, was to accept the challenge presented by the Cultural Liaison Leaders to create a Crêpe and Origami, something it appears was enjoyed by a large number of students! Many participated, (including some teachers) in the competitions by folding a butterfly or by trying their hand at flipping crêpes – with the latter’s photos making our appetites increasingly insatiable! Thanks to the students who participated with their amazing origami, as visible in a wonderful display of origami near the LAN rooms! We look forward to rewarding those with the most outstanding crêpe and origami photos!


We hope you enjoyed taking part as much as we enjoyed creating and promoting the activities! Later in the year, we also hope to share the delicacies of crêpes and sushi with all students as we have done in previous years – it is something we are really looking forward to!


We would like to thank all the students who participated in the competitions, along with equal thanks to Mrs Sly for her support in the planning before and also during the week, Ms Mackin for her role in communications, and Mr Butler for not just his logistical support, but in many other aspects of promoting the event as well! And to all the other language teachers, Mr Bramley, Mr Delaney and Ms Wakeman, who shared their passion for languages with their classes – thank you very much!


Here are some of the many entries received in the competitions.


Merci beaucoup! ありがとうございます!



Anirudhh & Joel

Cultural Liaison Leaders