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Planning support for Swifts Creek

Last week our School Captains, Shalaaka, Kaaviyan, Shivaani and Habib, got together to complete another important stage in their project to support the students of Swifts Creek P12 School.


At the end of Term 1, the team lead a very successful community effort to raise not only money but also an awareness of the difficulties faced by the Swifts Creek community following the bushfires earlier in the year. By working with our community and seeking sponsorship, the School Captains facilitated Nossal raising $4,400.00. It had been hoped that the money would be given to Swifts Creek and used to stage a community concert featuring music performed by students from that school and ours to lift spirits in the town.  Unfortunately, the impact of coronavirus and the requirements of DET to cancel all excursions has meant to date, nothing further has happened to achieving the final stage of the project.


The period of remote learning also meant though that the Captains could not acknowledge those who supported them and made it all possible and so last week they met and achieved this important task.


In particular, we are most grateful to the following people, businesses and groups who helped us easily achieve our goal of $3,000.00.

  • Aran Ramsi and Associates
  • Australian Butchers Store - Berwick
  • Bakers Delight - Parkmore
  • Better Dental Care - Berwick
  • Casey Tamil Manram
  • Clarissa Jacques
  • Coles - Berwick
  • Crestway Lawyers
  • Dhruti Parikh
  • Kalpana Lal
  • Marmara Meats
  • Mahesh Namasivayan
  • Nimalsiri Family
  • Peter Thuku
  • Rotary Club of Berwick
  • Shiyan Perera
  • Nossal High School SRC

A page of pictures of the fundraiser and information has been sent to Swifts Creek, a copy can be seen via this link.




Test and Tag

In the fourth week of Term 3, all personal items that are used at school that plug into a power supply MUST BE TESTED AND TAGGED for safety purposes.  This is a WorkSafe requirement and all devices must be inspected for electrical safety.  (The school's electrical items will be inspected during the upcoming holidays.)


Regardless of whether the item is used frequently or only occasionally, it must be tested to meet government requirements.  Students will be reminded closer to the date but for now, please think about what might be needing to be approved for use at school.


There is no cost to staff or students for the testing and tagging of equipment however items not tagged as being safe are unable to be used at school and any such items found at the school following the inspection will be confiscated.


The inspection ensures the electrical connection is safe. Recently during the remote learning period, a cord did catch fire and this annual inspection is prevent more exactly this situation occurring in our school.  Please note the date: Thursday 6 August and be prepared with your cords.


Keith Butler

Assistant Principal


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