Secondary News

From the Head of Secondary

What a busy time in the Secondary School over the last few weeks: students finishing exams, Rollover and end of year activities.


On Tuesday 3 December, Years 7-11 students came together to celebrate all the achievements of our 2019 year in our Secondary Presentation Night. The night opened with our amazing string ensemble featuring both teachers and students, followed by a presentation of all students from each year level, and the presentation of the overall academic and endeavour awards. We welcomed to the stage for the last time our a capella group "Quintessence", and awarded our overall Christian Character & Long Tan awards, along with the VCE Dux of 2018 and the VCAL Excellence Award for 2019.


The evening concluded with the passing of the baton of student leadership from our 2019 Captains and Vice Captains to our newly appointed student leaders for 2020. 


A big thank you to all who contributed towards making the Presentation Night a memorable occasion for our College community.


I pray that you are all truly blessed in the forthcoming celebration of the birth of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary


A Summer Excursion in Winter Conditions!

On 2 December, in near arctic conditions, our Year 10 students braved the Melbourne Cable Park's ropes and obstacle courses at Bangholme for their end of year activity.


I think the looks on their faces says it all! 


Induction to North

In 2019, our Years 11 & 12 students were the first to inhabit our North Campus.


In 2020, our Year 10 classes will join them. As part of Rollover this year, students were part of a special induction to the facilities and happenings of the North Campus.


Veta Neo

Over 9 & 10 December, our Year 9 students have taken part in the Veta Neo experience days. These activities included a bushwalk around Cape Schanck, and a day at the Enchanted Maze at Arthurs Seat.


The Veta Neo curriculum seeks to help students to bring the Christian faith into their lives as a lived experience. Students are invited to see the difference Jesus makes through the assessment activities they undertake in the course. The two days seek to bring these lessons to a conclusion by taking students into God's beautiful creation in a deliberate invitation to wonder at God's workmanship.


The second takes students through an adventure in which they can feel the excitement of tree surfing in an environment of community. In this way students experience the work and wonder of God in creation and in themselves. Our prayer is that these experiences aid students in their developing Christian walk. 



Jay Johnstone

Secondary Teacher

Frankston RSL

Frankston RSL Secretary and Welfare Officer, Brenton Clyne, spoke to an audience of combined Year 9 students on Australia’s involvement in World War 1. Mr Clyne shared the profound effect that it had on Australian men and women as they served in this terrible conflict, and the hardships many of them faced for many years after returning home from service. He went on to speak about the contribution of many other Australians in various conflicts from World War 2 onwards, including his own experiences in the Vietnam War. Our students listened attentively and asked him a number of pertinent questions. The session was closed with a prayer for our nation, government, servicemen and servicewomen past and present, as well as for a blessing upon Mr Clyne as he continues to assist returned service personnel in his role with the RSL.


Jay Johnstone