French Movie Excursion

Tuesday 31 July

Laure Pradier and the French assistant, Melodie Malartre, took 34 students of French to the Cameo Theatre in Belgrave to view the movie Belle et Sebastian 3 Friends for Life, the third in a series of movies about the friendship between a  boy and his dog living in the French Alps.


Here are the students’ comments about the experience:


On Tuesday 31 July, the ALP French and the mainstream French classes; Years 9 to 12, went to the Belgrave cinemas to watch Belle et Sebastian 3. It was a really fun experience and a great day out.  Merci Beaucoup Madame Pradier for organising the trip!!!!

Jess C


Belle et Sébastien 3 est fantastique! J’aime beaucoup le film. C’est un peu triste.

Rebecca C


The French Excursion was a really fun experience. We got to catch public transport to Belgrave which was a really fun time and fantastic for gaining confidence on trains. The movie was also extremely entertaining and made us gasp in horror and laugh with joy and kept us on the edge of our seats. The food in Belgrave was really nice and it was all cleverly planned out by Madame Pradier. It was a fantastic time.

Mason B


Yesterday’s excursion was a fantastic day, the movie was amazing and a bit sad, but overall, the day was 10/10.

Xander B


J’adore le film, il est fantastique.



I thought the movie was great and it was a fantastic day out.  Thank you to all the people who organised it and made the day happen.

Zac H


This was an incredible opportunity to not only watch a wonderful French movie but also talk to our fellow students across the school, who also learn French.  Highly recommend to all!   À bientôt.

Emily G 


I enjoyed the trip very much.  I liked the movie and it was great to see Belle and Sebastian again on a big screen.  It was cool to be surrounded by a lot of French for a day.

Ella R


Yesterday’s (31/06/18) excursion was a fun and a different experience to see how French is spoken naturally and in a proper context like seeing a movie in English. It helps see French spoken by real French actors to understand how the language is supposed to be spoken.   Thanks to Madame for organising the event and everyone else involved. 

Tyler S


I really enjoyed seeing Belle and Sebastian yesterday. It was fun and really cool to experience a movie in French.

Tobi P



On Tuesday, a group of students who participated in French last semester went to Belgrave to see the third movie, Belle et Sebastien: friends for life. It was a beautiful film with a few tearful moments but overall everyone had a great day.  Thank you to all the French teachers for organising the day.


Molly K



The movie was really good and was a great story. It was emotionally straining for some, but it had a happy ending. The whole day was a blast and I highly recommend the movie to everyone.

Tayla Mc


Sharon Stoyanoff

Head of Languages