*** Congratulations ***

Congratulations to all students who performed as part of the LHS singing talent competition,  THE VOICE.


Thank you to the We Will Rock You cast and LHS teachers for their cameo performances to kick off each performance at lunchtime.


Our judges were extremely impressed with all the talent, confidence and excitement on the PAC deck over both semi-final heat performances.


The following students made it through to the final round of THE VOICE, on Friday 3 August;

  • Year7 - Laura Bentley
  • Year7 - Malia Durrant
  • Year7 - Emily Matthews
  • Year8 - Charley Nugent
  • Year 9 - Aly Hogeboom
  • Year10 - Caitlin Huddleston
  • Year11 - Benson Rowntree
  • Year12 - Tash Vrsecky

We are pleased to announce the following winners of this year's competition are;


1st Place - Tash Vrsecky

2nd Place - Benson Rowntree

3rd Place - Malia Durrant


Congratulations and well done!!!


Our 2018 judges, 2017 champion Sarah Davies (Year 9),  2017 Runner-up Bec Clark (Year 9), Performing Arts Captains Tiffany Couacaud (Year 12) and Liam Huddleston (Year 12), also performed on the day, along with our 2018 host Angelina Pitasi (Year 12).  Thank you to this team of students leading the competition throughout the 3 weeks of singing talent.


We look forward to next year's, LHS THE VOICE!

Amy Cumming