Premiers' Reading Challenge

Read, read more, read more widely!   

Our students are continuing to perform very well in the 'Reading Challenges'.  The challenges end on Monday 3 September, so only a few weeks to go.


CONGRATULATIONS TO 48 Year 7 students who have now completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge by reading 15 or more books.


WELL DONE to a further 30 Year 7s who have completed the LHS Reading Challenge by reading between 10 and 14 books


Some of our Year 8-10 students have also signed up for the challenge and are doing well.


We are gearing up for a big celebration at the end of the challenge, where students who have read 10 books or more will receive a signed certificate and other rewards.


Our Year 7 students have now logged a combined number of 2260 books they have finished reading!  Well done to 7B, 7G, 7I and 7J, each of these Home Groups have logged more than 200 books as finished.


Students who are having difficulties logging their reading, or forgotten how, are welcome to visit the Library for assistance.   



Happy reading

The Library Team