Wellbeing at Rolling Hills Primary School

What a week! It's only the end of week two of Term 2 and we have had so many events happening at school for students, for staff and for our community this term. It's fantastic to be back up and running with events offered to all. I have reached the end of the week and I am happy to roll into the weekend. Although there are still many things to be done such as my children's sport commitments, clean the house, plan and shop for food for next week, attend Mother's Day activities, I am going to ensure that I show self compassion; I am going to take some time for myself. As I write this I am excited about the opportunity to sleep in tomorrow, read a book, sit back and watch my children play netball and football as I also socialise with my friends, the chance to slowly sip a cuppa and know that it will get finished before it goes cold, not have to cook on Mother's Day (our family tradition) and take my dog for a long walk as I listen to a Podcast. I wish all mother's a wonderful day on Sunday. Make it yours!


So Far This Term 

During the 5th session last Friday, all students were in their class discussing our whole-school approach to friendships - Friendology. What this looks like across the levels is different. However the concepts and the language being used is the same.  


The Prep students began to gain an understanding of the 4 Friendship Facts (see below)and what they mean.

In grade 1 and 2, students revisited the 4 Friendships Facts (see above)and were able to connect personal experiences with a Friendship Fact. Well done Grade 1's - very clever.


The Grade 3/4 students learnt about what Friendship Fires are, and delved into what these might look like at school and in the wider community. They too were able to connect some challenges that they had previously experienced and recognised that they were Friendship Fires. 


The Grade 5/6 students were discussing how students feel in their friendships and identified if their friendships with their peers are healthy or unhealthy? 

Friendology Parent Information Session

Not only did our students develop their knowledge, some parents braved the icyTuesday night and joined Belinda Granger, Katie Smith, Craig Bradley and myself at the Parent's Friendology Session. 


An overview of the main concepts taught across the school was delivered, covering the specific child-friendly language that is consistently used. Parents involved themselves in an activity which our students participate in during class, and walked away with a deeper understanding and knowledge of the Friendology approach and some resources which can be used at home. If you were unable to attend the evening but you would like a copy of these resources, please contact the office and they can send them home with your child.   

Breakfast Club

Hot toast and/or a fruit cup was on offer from the canteen on Wednesday morning for any students who wished to add to their morning breakfast routine. Miss Angelique Vardis (Chaplain), along with Gillian W and Nicole T, were able to satisfy some students stomachs before they entered the classroom. It was also fantastic to receive the support from our Wellbeing Captains, Zack L and Adelaide S, who helped prepare the canteen area and served students. Thankyou for making the morning run so smoothly.


Breakfast Club will again be running this Wednesday morning from 8.30 - 8.45am. Feel free to remind your child to pop in and grab a little something on their way to class.


If any parents would like to help out on Wednesday mornings please email me on emily.murcott@education.vic.gov.au.  We start preparing at 8.15am and are finished by 9am.



Today all students were involved in a Tribes session, where we focused on the social emotional concept of 'feelings'. In each class there are a few students from each year level, giving them the opportunity to work with peers of different ages. This is a great way for our students to meet more peers as well as connect with another staff member. 


The session today discussed on a range of feelings that your child may have felt, including sad, happy, scared, proud and stressed, along with many more which were mentioned in an online reading of a book. They then discussed when they might feel these emotions, and wrote their ideas on a heart handout which was sent home. A great deal of fun was had, some reflections were made and some realisations that it is ok to have feelings; recognising that something has effected them in some way. Please ask your child about their session today and see if they can recognise how they are feeling and name it. Recognising and then understanding these feelings means that they are on their way to being able to regulate their emotions easier. Our next session in 3 weeks will further develop this concept.