Term 2 - Physics

This term Rolling Hills Primary School focuses on Physics in our Science program. Students across the school will be investigating, experimenting and learning about different kinds of energy.

Prep- Toys: On the move!

Our Prep Scientists are learning all about how things move. Currently we are looking at our own bodies and thinking about how they move, through dancing and games. We have also begun using very scientific language such as, predicting and observing, and went on a things that move hunt in the classroom, school ground and looking outside the classroom. They did a super job and we look forward to a great science term ahead.

Grade 1- Light & Sound

This term grade 1 students are learning scientific concepts about light and sound. Students have explored what they already know about these scientific concepts and have started to investigate sources of light such as lamps, candles, and torches. We look forward to further investigation of light and sound this term. 

Grade 2- Machine Makers

Our wonderful Grade 2 Scientists are learning all about machines and how they move. We have already had a turn at doing the 'Dog feeder machine', using a range of resources to feed a dog in a very different way. We will be working in teams each week to experiment with a new way to make things move and use these investigations to develop our very own Rube Goldberg machines. Lots of learning and fun to come. 



Grade 3/4 - Heat

This term the grade 3/4 students are learning all about heat energy. Students have explored their prior knowledge through drama, doing collaborative brainstorming, and creating a wonder wall with their fantastic questions about the topic. This week students learned that heat energy is created through the movement of molecules through drama, doing an experiment, and looking at an interactive simulation of water molecules at different temperatures. We have an exciting term of science ahead in 3/4 this term. 


Grade 5/6 - Electricity and Light

This term grade 5/6 students are exploring energy, investigating both Light and Electricity. Week 1 involved learning about electricity and basic circuits, with students using their newfound knowledge and understandings to experiment with lighting up small Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). As the term progresses, we will be expanding on these basic pieces  to create ever-more interesting, fun and complex creations.