Art Room News

Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse

Hello RHPS Artists,


The senior classes are back in the art room and it was a great first week with them drawing their Bots. We had so many amazing types of bots full of inspiration and colour. We now have 305 bots on the wall. Every single one is different and carries with it a special message.


This term the Grade 3-6 artists are heading to Africa. We will be learning about African Art and culture and taking inspiration from this beautiful part of the world to make an array of 2D and 3D art pieces.


The grade 3/4 classes have begun learning about and drawing Ndebele Houses. These drawings will be painted with watercolour paints and we will be making clay Ndebele Houses next week.

The Grade 5/6 classes are learning about African pottery and will be creating their own functional pottery and learning how to use chalk pastels in their 2D artwork. As you can see, they are off to a great start.

We also have fabulous news that the Lilydale & Yarra Valley Show is back on this year and so is the poster competition. 

I have posted the information on compass and all senior classes have been told about it. The information is below and if you have any questions or need A3 paper or a paper copy of the guidelines, please come and see me. You can work on your poster during art club on Thursday's at lunchtime if you don't have time at home to do it.


Have a wonderful week,


Keep Creating,

Mrs. Granger