School News 

Grade 1 & 2 News

The past two weeks have flown by in Grade 1 & 2! We have been very busy, and the students have been working so well. In addition to our daily reading, writing and maths activities, we have already had so many fun experiences and there are many more to come!


This term Grade 1 and 2 students are learning about sustainability. Our topic is called Tip Toe Through Our World.

Check out some photos of our new Investigation areas in Grade 1. There is plenty to learn about at the farm, in the forest or exploring different materials and recycling. Natural collage materials, as well as making sounds and exploring light, are ways we are integrating Science and the Arts into our explorations. 


The Grade 1 and 2 students have started their Physical Science units. Grade 1 students are studying Sound & Light and the Grade 2 students are investigating Machine Makers. 

Have a look at the photos below. There was much fun and excitement in the Science room as the Grade 2 students used trial and error and changed the experimental conditions to make a Rube Goldberg machine to feed their dog a bone.

Grade 1 & 2 excursion

Don’t forget about the exciting excursions coming up for Grades 1 & 2. We will be visiting the historic Edendale Farm in Eltham which has been showcasing sustainable living practices since 1852. Students will have a guided tour of the farm to learn about the ways we use natural resources. The Grade 1 & 2 students will visit the farm on different days.

Grade 2 – Thursday 19th May

Grade 1 – Tuesday 31st May

Check Compass for more details.


Exciting news!

Today the students participated in a special event. We were all very excited to watch a gender reveal pinata as we discovered that Mrs Oakley will be having a bouncing baby … girl in September.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Kindest Regards,

Daena, Mykaela, Llinos, Kayla and Tim


Grade 5 & 6 News

On the last day of term, we went to the Grand Prix! We had an excellent time watching cars practice racing. We also went to all the different stalls they had there. We are so glad that we got the chance to go there, we had a great time! 

The 5/6 girls participated in a girl’s AFL Gala day at Pinks Reserve. They made it to the semi-final – a fantastic effort. Go girls! 

Cross country was held at school on Tuesday. Well done to everyone who participated and tried their Personal Best and a big congratulations to the people that made it to the next level. Thank-you to Miss Layton who spent her time setting up the cross country course.

We’ve been happy to get back in to Art lessons this term and share our creativity! We have also started a new topic in science - Physics! So far, we have focussed on energy and power, light, batteries. 

To acknowledge ANZAC day, on the first day of term, we wrote letters to family from the perspective of soldiers in the war. We learnt about the history of ANZAC Day and read the book Lest We Forget.  After drafting our work, we coffee stained paper to make it look old and then published our letters on them. They look so amazing and we’re really proud of our efforts.

We are looking forward to the exciting term ahead.

Sophie, Alicia, Kurtis and Isobel