Principal Report 

Dear families,


Thank you to everyone for their efforts this week at school. It has been a huge week. It feels like the Easter holidays happened weeks ago. 


Firstly Mr Van Haaster and Mrs Layton for taking our students to the girl's AFL gala day. The sports papers reported that the girls played really well. There are more details on the PE page. 


Miss Hartrick has launched the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge. Last year 1LP won by a mile. Let's try and encourage all children to read as much as possible and log their results.  


Thank you for the SSGS and for Emily for hosting. Thank you Emily, Belinda and Katie for the Friendology parent session. 18 parents is about 5% of the school. A great start.


On Wednesday our weekly Breakfast Club launched at the canteen. Thank you to Angel Vardis (Chaplain) and Emily Murcott for the efforts to set this initiative up as well as the parent helpers. 


On Thursday, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Creed and Mrs Munnecke hosted the Prep Information night for approximately 30 prospective parents. They were supported by a host of people in the background helping set the night up. The session was informative, light-hearted and fun. It really showcased what everyone does so well across the school as well and shared that at this school it is a team effort by everyone who works here. 


The school captains, Lacey Ray and Jasmine Portbury, spoke beautifully about why they love this school. Well done to them all. We currently have 38 enrolments and counting! Enrolments close on August 12th so a long way to go. Please help to encourage prospective families to take a school tour. They run every Tuesday and by request at any other time. 


Thank you to P&F team for their time and effort in running the Mother’s Day stall. I am sure the gifts and cards bought by the students will make some special people happy this Sunday. 


Thank you, Mr Taylor and Mrs Munnecke for working together on the new website.

Tracy Lynch has provided the images for free. Thank you Tracy. Please check out her services

Not all images on the website have been converted to our kids yet, but we are working on it! I am just sorry we cannot add every child to the website. 


Miss Cairns has put together a timetable for lunchtime activities that students can sign up to. The staff have been very generous with the time they have shared to help make these clubs fun and exciting. It is appreciated. 


We would also like to welcome back Sue Kilner in an inclusion and support role as well as Katelyn Connolly and Alex Coxhill as tutors. Rita Delvecchio has been locally employed in a support role and Steve Frost has been on ESO placement. We wish them all well. 



Next week is NAPLAN. It starts on Tuesday with Writing and runs until Monday 16th May. We have created a timetable where students do not miss out on their specialists, with minimal disruptions to the week. Students will need to change classrooms from time to time. NAPLAN has moved to online using laptops for our school this year. Students in years 3 and 5 have been provided with support leading up to this years events so they feel confident using a laptop.


Please remember it is only one way to assess students at school. It does not take into account all the different ways that students are unique, talented and wonderful. While we encourage them to try their personal best, we do not add any pressure to their working week to perform. 



And finally, apologises again for the change of dates for our curriculum days.

Misty Adoniou is a talented Literacy consultant, author and former teacher who will be working with us on our upcoming curriculum day on Thursday 26th May. We will have colleagues from Wandin Yallock, Pembroke, Gladesville, Yarra Glen, Coldstream, Lilydale and Manchester PS working with us on how we work collegiately to improve our writing.



We are at the stage where we are welcoming volunteers into school. This is very exciting for us at RHPS. A few things that have changed since we last did this formally in 2019! We have reviewed our policies and will be formally sharing them with the school council on Tuesday 17th May. Once the policy is ratified we will share it with the community. 

The main areas that will be covered; our volunteers will need a volunteer working with children check, confirmation of double COVID-19 vaccination and the signing of a privacy form. Each time you volunteer we will need you to sign in at the office and wear a  volunteer badge.


Have a wonderful weekend!