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Literacy & Wellbeing

It has been an incredible week; welcoming back some of our children, seeing them connect with peers and educators again and partaking in the JOY filled experiences our educators have planned. 


While this is an exciting time for children and families, we very much have COVID at the forefront of our thinking and how this may impact children returning to school. This webinar from the Royal Children’s Hospital is an excellent one, with voices from pediatricians, a vaccination expert, an educational psychologist and senior research fellow. It speaks to mask wearing, supporting children in their return to school, COVID related anxiety and it also speaks realistically about children catching COVID. If you have an hour while out walking, driving or preparing dinner - it is well worth a listen.



The Story Box Library has a range of books you can view with your child(ren) to support them in their transition back to onsite learning, and the feelings they may have around this. You can refer to the webinar for prompts and questions you might use to engage children in dialogue around their feelings.

It’s ok to feel the way you doIn this bright and heartening story, Josh Langley helps kids get to know and make friends with their feelings.
Mr HuffCloudy with a chance of rain... Bill has a bad feeling about the day. Something is following him and making him feel sad. Will Bill ever feel the sunshine again?
Too much for turtleTurtle is very shy and lives alone in her treehouse. She spends her days gardening and making things. One day a storm hits and brings a hoard of unexpected visitors asking for help. Will it all be too much for Turtle?
Nervous NellieThis exciting new series written by Fiona Harris celebrates the idea that our differences are what make us unique, and that we are all capable of being superheroes when we see the best in ourselves.
Slow down world

Sometimes life can seem so busy.

We are always told: Quick! Hurry! Faster!

With the world whizzing past, how often do we stop, look and appreciate the world around us?

Daniela De Luca & Ashlee Owen

Literacy Leader & Wellbeing Leader







Excitingly, we have received our results from the Australian Mathematics competition from August 2021! 28 of our Years 3-6 children participated in either the Middle or Upper Primary Division. Children were challenged to solve 30 complicated problems, which drew on their knowledge of the problem solving process, fluency, accuracy and written strategies. The problems included elements of algebra, geometry, measurement, number and statistics and probability. We are so proud of each child who had the courage to take part.


In the coming weeks, the Australian Mathematics Competition will provide certificates of achievement for each of these children:

Year 3: Liam G, Baydah T, Pearl S, Miriam F, Aaron J-A, Isla S, Amelie H, Isaac D

Year 4: Vanessa Y, Pierre N, Bosco N, Athena T, Manoj A

Year 5: Erin N, Kasey D, Noah T, Jimmy B, Oliver R, Hien L, Emma H

Year 6: Thomas N, Tom N, Eliza M, Joanna B, Paulino A, Eli G, Adler J-A, Jordan D


A special congratulations goes out to Liam G (3), Erin N (5), Kasey D (5) and Thomas N (6) for receivinga DISTINCTION!


Children who took part in the competition in 2019 will have the opportunity to have a growth conversation when comparing their results across the two years.


Lauren Davis

Numeracy Leader



Woiwurrung Word of the Week

St Johns has purchased the Woiwurrung Language Resource for the Early Years.

Woiwurrung language was traditionally spoken and is being reclaimed today by the Wurundjeri people, who inhabited the land along the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers.

The Woiwurrung Language Cards have been produced by the Wurun Child and Family Place and Yarra Ranges Council with permission from key Wurundjeri Elders.

Acknowledging and celebrating Aboriginal culture and its connection to spirituality and language, family and kinship, land, country and community is important in protecting and developing inclusion and equity. Language in particular is recognised as a precious part of cultural strength and pride.

Each newsletter we will share with you a new Woiwurrung word of the week, we hope that this will provide you with a chance to read, speak, and talk about it with your family.