School Council Report & getting involved..

School Council President Report,

Term 1, 2023

Hello, I am writing on behalf of the newly formed PHSC school council.  Firstly I wanted to thank all outgoing Councillors who served on council in 2022, Jennifer Balint and Gemma Moufaki and Oliver Fortescue. Everyone who serves on council does so to provide assistance and governance to the school and the community it serves.  On 27th March we had our first meeting of the new Council and I am pleased to welcome both returning and new Councillors.  We are particularly grateful to those Councillors who took up key roles as Vice President (Marion Singer) and Treasurer (Danny Phillips) for 2023.


Last year, Council dealt with a number of critical items including a school review, planning, funding, building and ground works and impacts flowing from changes to  the enterprise bargaining agreement, which has introduced new/additional obligations around time in lieu amongst other things.


One of the critical issues that I want to highlight to every family is the importance of voluntary contributions.  Last year the level of voluntary contributions received from the school community dropped. As a result the school council was concerned about the impacts this would have on the schools ability to deliver the breadth and depth of programs and opportunities that we have come to expect.


I implore every family who has a student at Princes Hill SC to pay their voluntary contribution wherever possible. These funds are vital to delivering the valuable educational experiences that our children have come to enjoy at Princes Hill SC.  Council understand that some people may be finding it tough financially and we encourage you to have a conversation with Mich Westlake, Business Manager to arrange a payment plan. 



To further supplement school funds, council agreed to establish a fund raising committee at our recent March meeting.  See Francisca's invitation to join below.

In relation to the time in lieu (TIL) requirements, schools are under increased pressure to provide more time in lieu to staff who attend out of hours activities such as school camps. Staff student ratios invariably demand at least three to four staff per camp depending on the activity and number of students involved. School Council is supportive of these activities and is working with the school and stakeholders to address any issues.  At Princes Hill with our extensive outdoor program, a conservative estimate anticipates approximately 70 days time in lieu generated for camps alone.

 For example our year seven camps are currently five days and generates at least 28 hours of TIL per staff member, in the future due to changes to the time in lieu provisions, camps will need to be reviewed and potentially reduced in scope.  I would encourage parents to familiarize themselves with the changes to time in lieu and also consider how you may be able to assist school deliver activities over the year – perhaps by volunteering.


With first term coming to an end it was great to see that the signs of a normal school year were on show, including camps, concerts, swimming and athletics carnivals. I would hate to see a future where these events were not part of the schooling experience for our children.


How can you help?

There are a couple of ways you can help.  Firstly, if you haven’t already, please make an annual voluntary contribution to the school for each child you have attending the school.  I have three children at the school in 2023 and in addition to paying voluntary contributions I am donating my time as a school council member and at working bees etc. Parents and guardians help by donating time to be involved in school camps, or school sports days.  If you would like to find out more please email to find out how register your interest and willingness.  The PHSC volunteer policy provides important information about this.  You could go on Wilderness week or a ski camp with the kids as several parents did last year.


Working Bee Dates for 2023 have been set. The next one for the City Campus is scheduled for Thurday 8th June from 4pm-6pm and the Mirimbah campus on the weekend of 24th – 26th November.


We deeply appreciate the support our families provide to ensure we can offer the best possible education and learning opportunities for our students. Thank you for your commitment to making annual voluntary contributions, supporting working bees and school events - schools rely heavily on their community to provide support to enable the programs that families expect.


Finally, I want to wish everyone a happy Easter and look forward to seeing you in Term 2.


John Thompson

School Council President


Breaking news: The School Council has created a Fun(d)raising Sub-Committee. We invite all parents, students and friends of PHSC to consider joining this Fun(d)raising Sub-Committee, no matter whether they are elected on the School Council or not. 


We will kick off the new Fun(d)raising Sub-Committee next term so please consider getting involved. It would be great to have a diverse mix of people and experiences. If you want express your interest getting involved or just staying in the loop if activities, please join the Fun(d)raising WhatsApp Group


The first point of focus for fundraising efforts will be the upcoming renovations of the PHSC basketball court and surrounds.


Any questions about the Fun(d)raising Sub-Committee, please feel free to contact Francisca on


Other sub committees of School Council are the Finance Committee, Education Committee and the Building and Grounds Committee.  Please contact Jan Baddeley to enquire about any opportunity to join one of the above.