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Subject Selection for 2023

At the beginning of Term 3, the subject selection process for 2023 will begin. This will involve students in years 9, 10 & 11 selecting the subjects or electives they wish to study for the 2023 academic year. Additionally, as part of this exciting time we are hoping to have our first International Baccalaureate Diploma Program cohort.

Overview of Choices to be Made

Year 11Selecting VCE subjects for Year 12
Year 10Selecting either VCE or IB pathway and relevant subjects for Year 11
Year 9Selecting subject electives for Year 10

During this exciting time, parents and guardians are encouraged to have conversations with their children about subject choices. Some key questions you may want to use in your conversations are:

  • What subjects are you interested in? Which subjects have you been successful in previous years?
  • Are there any subjects you do not enjoy?
  • Why are you interested/disinterested in these subjects?
  • How does VCE/IB work? Ask your child to explain their understanding of these study options. (Year 10 students only)
  • Do you have any ideas for career pathways? What subjects link to these career pathways? You can use the prerequisite subjects guide to assist.
  • Are there any extra subject options you haven’t considered?
  • How will you maintain a balance of study, socialising, family, wellbeing and sleep across senior school?
  • What study habits and resources will you need to achieve success in senior school?
  • To assist both students and families understand their options we will be holding our annual Subject Expo afternoon (for students) and Senior Pathways Subject Expo evening (for both students and parents) on Wednesday 20th July. In addition, students in Year 10 will have a course counselling session on Tuesday 26th July. More information about both events will be provided via Compass early next term.

Key Dates

Subject Expo (Afternoon)Wednesday 20th July
Senior Pathways Subject Expo (Evening)Wednesday 20th July (6 – 7:30pm)
Year 10 Course Counselling DayTuesday 26th July
Subject Selections DueFriday 29th July

In the meantime, there are a range of resources students and families can access to assist in making these important decisions.

·   Subject Handbooks – Available via the Favourites (Star) Tab on Compass

·   SCHS Careers Website – Information about both VCE and IB pathways including subject offerings

·   International Baccalaureate Website –


Jasmine Byrne

Director of Curriculum & IB Coordinator

Emergency Contact Information

It is extremely important that you have emergency contact information listed with the school and that this information is updated as necessary. It is particularly important that we have someone to call if parents are unable to receive phone calls at work.

Only contacts listed as emergency contacts are permitted to collect students from school during the day. 

Please note that older siblings over 18 may be listed as emergency contacts. To update your details please email

Attendance Information 

If your child is absent, please follow the steps below:


Option 1

Call SCHS on 8734 2800 and leave a message on the absence line before 10:00 am

Include:  Student Full Name 

                  House & Home Group

                  Reason for Absence 

Option 2


Include:  Student Full Name 

                  House & Home Group

                  Reason for Absence 

Option 3

Logging into the Compass Parent Portal before 10am (how to guide)


Late Arrival to School

If a student arrives to school after 8.50am they are to sign in at the Compass kiosk or at the General Office. Parents can call the SCHS General Office to report any late arrivals.

Medical Certificates & Proof of Isolation Documents



Include:  Student Full Name 

                  House & Home Group

Further Information on Attendance can be found on the SCHS Attendance Policy attached below:


Kathryn Boxer  Enrolments Manager


Leaving Early / Sick Bay

Please ensure your child is aware of any appointments or requirement to leave school early prior to coming to school. Students are not permitted to use their mobile phones whilst at school and are therefore unable to receive text messages from parents or guardians. Parents are to add an attendance note on Compass and sign them out from the office when you arrive.


Likewise, students are not to call parents when they are sick. 

Students who are feeling unwell should report to sickbay and if are deemed unwell you will be contacted to collect them.

Fundraising & Building and Library Fund

Suzanne Cory High School believes that when provided the right environment and opportunity, all students have the potential to achieve the excellence they aspire to.


Currently for our 10 Year Celebration, we are raising funds to build a pavilion for our school. It will enhance what we can offer our students, as well as our community members too. 



Click here to make a donation today.  Don't forget, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

 Facebook SCHS Community Group

Hello Parents/Guardians


In case you missed it, SCHS have a Facebook community group that you are welcome to join. This is just an informal forum where you can touch base with other members in the community. To join, click here and please ensure you answer the questions. 

Please follow the road rules

Please ensure that you follow the road rules, especially during the busy times of school drop off and pick up. If you drive into the school grounds, please go all the way around the circle to allow for more cars to enter the school. We have noticed parents stopping a little short when dropping off students, which causes more traffic chaos on the main road.


Also a reminder, that you can not turn right during the morning and afternoon drop off times. We understand that this may be a slight inconvenience, however the rule is there to help traffic run smoothly. During this time, it's also when many students are crossing the road. Not everyone is paying full attention and this is where accidents can happen. 


Western Chances Scholarship

The Western Chances Scholarship offers financial support to students during high school and continued support at university. Students can also be offered opportunities to develop their leadership and academic skills. By entering the Western Chances program, students join an elite group of students from the Western suburbs.

To be eligible for the scholarship students must:

  • Live in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne
  • Demonstrate talent (academic, performance, arts, leadership, community involvement)
  • Maintain high attendance and positive behaviour at school
  • Face financial difficulties

New applications will open at the beginning of Term 3. Detailed application instructions will be posted on the Compass Newsfeed once applications open.


Brendan Taig 

Careers Practitioner