House Update


As the semester comes to an end, time creeps closer toward revealing the winner of Suzanne Cory High School’s 2022 House Cup. After two consecutive years in lockdown, we were finally able to hold competitions that had been previously cancelled including many house sports, media and creative arts. 


I’d like to express thanks on behalf of Blackwood, to any of our members who participated in these competitions and took home points for us. However, it’s unanimously agreed that House Chorals was the event most looked forward to. I remember only being in year 9, when the previous Blackwood Captains would rally the entire house and inject a strong sense of pride into every practice.


Even though we didn’t win this year, it was still such an enjoyable experience… HAH! You thought. A House as competitive as us could never easily sit on a L like that, so we upped our game this Chorals and with hard work, determination and a lot of singing, were able to end the 8-year-drought and take home a well-deserved W. I would like to give special mention to our Chorals Captain John Wong, who suffered vocal cord damage from keeping the house in line during practice. Jokes aside, he did an incredible job and we could not have won without any of his efforts. 

Finally, I must also give gratitude to the other houses, whose astounding performances made this ‘one of the best Chorals we’ve ever had’ (Ms Goodridge Kelly 2022). We still have half the year left, so let’s enjoy the upcoming break and rest well to continue fighting for the lead.  


Kaitlyn Huynh (B7) and Milo Marich (B8)

Blackwood House Captains


Hey Cottrell!

That’s a wrap for term 2! It was definitely a memorable (and cold) term for all of us. 

Cottrell achieved a 2nd place finish in Active April, demonstrating our commitment to our house and staying active, especially during the holidays.

Onto ADT week, A huge congratulation to the people who participated in ADT week. Our house made quite the show with a wonderful 2nd in Chalk Art and 1st in “Pie Oh My”! Great job :)

2nd Place
1st Place
2nd Place
1st Place

Good job Cottrell for earning first place for house art! We did an amazing job with our house art this year, with the theme of 'I can see clearly now'. Now onto Chorals. We are extremely proud of Cottrell for their fantastic performance, skill, and spirit, regardless of our results! Performances by the small choir, band, vocalists and instrumentalists, as well as the mass and set song made the day truly unforgettable. 


1st Place House Art
1st Place House Art

We applaud the amazing work of the house for Chorals and we know Cottrell will continue to excel in the years to come. 


Forever Rising, 


Your Cottrell Vice Captains,

Andrea Rose Thomas, Year 11 C8 & Lilliana Carroll, Year 10 C4


Wow, what a term it has been. We are already halfway through the year but its only felt like a couple of months. Chorals was the main highlight of this term and although we didn’t come out on top, the leadership team is still very proud and amazed by each and every individual in Rothwell. All of the blood, sweat, and tears that Rothwell put into Chorals had definitely paid off. Since the house missed out on Chorals last year, the school had not held a chorals since 2019. So seeing everyone sing together and having fun was a sight to behold. It has been a pleasure to see Rothwell so connected and we hope that this bond between us all, stays strong. The future of our house in the hands of the capable leaders of the school is promising and hope that the students of Rothwell keep striving for success.



As this term draws to a close, we would like to commend everyone on their efforts towards chorals, house sport, interschool sport, and individual academic journeys. We wish all the students and teachers an eventful and delightful holidays. 


Patrick Nguyen (R8) & Meg Pasumarti (R5) 

Rothwell House Captains




What a Term it has been. With a term full of big House events and beyond, it has been fantastic to see all of our team members getting involved. As always, there have been some highs, and some lows through all of this.


With all the events this term, from VCE sport to Active April and Cross Country, our team has shown their willingness to step up, to participate, which has been instrumental in making such a positive environment around the House this term.


The highlight that we were all working towards was undoubtedly Chorals, and this again showed the spirit of the Dragons. We were so glad to see everyone rally behind Rachel, Dylan and Phuong as well as our other ensemble who had all been working for weeks to prepare. A shout-out too to our House Art team who had given up their time to get our stunning entry ready. Although the results didn’t quite go how we wanted on the day, we were very proud to say that we had the best Set song of all the Houses on the day. Well done to everyone.


We couldn’t let this opportunity pass without paying tribute to one of our own who is no longer with us. Pratham’s positivity was an example to us all. He will stay a part of our Kororoit family as we make our way through 2022, and our lives beyond.


Let us also send our thanks to Mr Duckworth for all his work in Kororoit since 2019! He has made a massive impact and Ms Green and the student leaders send their best wishes to he and his family on the upcoming birth of their twins!


We would also like to welcome Mrs Stathopoulos as she steps into her new role at the beginning of next term. Ms Green is sure that the whole team and House overall will get behind her and make her transition a smooth one.


After such a full term, let's all use the holidays as a time to relax and reflect on what we want the rest of the year to be. Enjoy the time off and doing all the things you like to do outside of school, while still remembering to touch base with our work as we go.

Stay safe, stay in touch and stay warm on these cold days.


Ms Green and Mr Duckworth.


Term 2 was probably one of the toughest terms, but we’re so proud of everyone for getting through it! It was one hell of a ride especially for the leadership team with so many events going on. We just wanted to congratulate everyone on finishing the second term! Hopefully our year nine’s have settled in well now and are finding the school not too overbearing. 


Chorals was probably one of the most stressful, but amazing events of the year. A big thank you to Rachel, our chorals captain, and everyone in the tech team and ensembles. Also a big thank you to the other houses for making this event happen and bringing the spirit back for everyone! It was truly an amazing day that we won’t forget. 


VCE sports ended on a good term with both our Year 11’s and 12’s making it into the finals! A big thank you to everyone who participated in Active April, it was so great to see so many Kororoit members participating! Another big thank you to the year 9’s and 10’s for their efforts in cross country. It was amazing to see their names in the top 50. Our VCE students also did a great job in cross country and we’re so thankful to everyone who volunteered and participated.



It’s been one heck of a term, but the leadership team is so proud of everyone for their amazing efforts! Remember to take a break and take care of yourselves. We’ll see you guys next term!


- Signing off, Kororoit Leadership Team