SRC Report

SRC update:


On Monday May 16th, SCHS staff and students competed in the much awaited family feud event of Staff vs Student week. It turned out to be a great event where the students bagged the win with a mere 100 points. Staff vs Student week was an instilled part of SCHS culture and we were proud and excited to bring it back and see so many students come and watch their peers and teachers partake. Many shoutouts to the year 12 SRC for running this successful event and a special mention to Mr. Leong for volunteering to host. Go students!



Zorawar Singh (C8), Rydham Oza (B9), Anirudh Vengatesh (K7) and Manasvi Shirgaonkar (R2). Your Year 12 SRCs


As part of our Teachers vs Students week, the year nine SRC representatives planned and enacted a debate between the two sides. The topic was whether or not students should be allowed to use mobile phones during school hours, and we flipped it on its head by presenting the teachers with the 'for' side. The student team had been left with only two teammates before the debate had started and they were in need of a third speaker. Special shoutout to Bavacharan GV for volunteering to fill in on the spot and to Ms Nisha Gandhi for winning the award for Best Speaker. Amazing arguments were presented by both sides, including the impromptu student. In the end the scores were neck and neck but the students had been victorious, winning by a single point! We would like to say thank you to the students, teachers and audience for participating in the debate and being supportive audience members. 



Student debaters: Bavacharan GV, Sophie Parnham and Aakriti Malhotra 

Teacher debaters: Ms Gandhi, Ms Modi and Ms De Garis

Student and teacher adjudicators: Ms Green, Manya Arya and Aleena Kayani 

Very well done and thank you again to the participants,

Dinda Widya Murti (K7), Jayme Lau (B8), Chinwe Ofoedu (C9) and Olivia Wong (R5) 

Your Year 9 SRCs 


On the 2nd of June, one of the final Staff vs Student events ran. Basketball. The teacher team entered the court with their spirits on fire and jerseys worn. The student team entered the court determined to win. The game was extremely competitive and intense, with cohorts flocking around the court to witness who would prevail. Everyone was on the edge of their metaphorical seats as points were scored. Everyone wondered who would win? Who would take the victory? The answer was students, winning by just 1 point with the final game score being 13-12. 


Congratulations students on the win and a huge thank you to everyone who supported and helped this event run smoothly.

Zahara Nazir (R3), Supriya Polamraju (B9), Finlay Maltby (C6) and Leyna Ha (K9)

Your Year 10 SRCs



The final competition for this year’s Staff vs Student week was the Lip Sync Battle. Both students and staff teams displayed a variety of talent and entertainment which was enjoyed by the SCHS community. A huge congratulations to the winning staff team ‘Biology Babes’ who performed ‘A Whole New World’. Second and third places were awarded to the student teams ‘Subscribe to Arnav’s Youtube Channel’ who performed ‘Uptown Funk’ and Sophie and Milo who danced to ‘Time of My Life’. Thank you to all the brave teachers and students who put their feet forward in the competition, and thank you to Mr Hart and Mr Mulcahy for helping the battle run so smoothly!

Here are some pictures from the event ;p