Senior School Report

Another term done and dusted!

It’s funny how year after year of school terms seem to go by so slowly, holidays always seem so far away.

Right about now, I don’t think many students in the Senior School will be feeling the same way.

Year 12s in particular will be starting to look at the calendar in dismay, trying to work out where all the time has gone.... How is half the year gone already! Only just over a term of classes left of school before final exams and our Secondary School journey is over….


Now is the time for all Year 12 students to take a deep breath. We are well and truly in the ‘engine room’ of the year, where we want to be doing the hard leg work now so that things are manageable in only a few short months’ time.


Big question – what work could be done to help?


Number 1 answer in my book, practice exams. If you haven’t already Year 12 students, google search VCAA past exam papers. All the end of year papers from previous years are online. With them are the examiners reports, which give fantastic feedback on what was done well, and what was not


Year 11s, pay attention to the year 12s. This is going to be you before you know it. Hard work now will pay off. The good study habits you put in place will make your life so much easier come this time next year.


On a different note, a few things will be changing in the Senior School for term 3 onwards. Kristy Bannister will be acting Senior School Manager for the first three weeks of term, and I’m sure every will greatly appreciate her hard work and experience in the role.


Everyone will soon be receiving a letter in the mail explaining a changing of procedures around SAC Re-sit and Catch Arrangements. A detailed explanation behind the reasoning will be in the letter, but as a Senior School we are looking forward to returning to procedures that were used in previous years that ensure that all our students are not disadvantaged by missing class time, lunch or study periods to complete SACs.


Fantastic work by all our amazing Senior School Students for scrubbing up so well for our annual Senior School Formal. It was a brilliant night, with a great deal of impressive dancing done by many a person (and I can safely say my efforts on the dance floor were deplorable). It is amazing to see how grown up everyone is becoming so quickly (to quickly I’m sure I hear a few people saying as they read this).


The GAT and mid-year exams were another major event that has occurred recently. The professionalism of our Senior Students was fantastic to witness during this time, really highlighting how our students care about their education and are really willing to try their best. The GAT in particular, which is such a vital exam for any student sitting a Unit 3 & 4 subject, had great participation rates, which is brilliant as it is the ‘insurance policy’ of Year 12 in case something unexpected occurs down the track and students cant complete the year.


A fantastic term by all, hope you all have a great break, and I cannot wait to see you all again in term 3 when we all continue to lift the bar.



Justin Rea

Senior School Manager.