100 Days of School

After 100 days of learning, we celebrate together!

On Wednesday 7th August, students in F/1C and F/1S were invited to dress up as a way of celebrating one hundred days since they started school.

Students enjoyed participating in many activities throughout the day. F/1 C and F/1 S joined together to start the day with a short video story that helped them understand what this special day was all about. They listened for descriptive words to explain how they have been feeling, and then discussed this as a group; sharing ideas and experiences.

Afterwards, the students returned to their class to complete a fun craft activity, following steps to decorate, cut out and paste together their own crown. Adding glitter at the end was especially fun! What a special day we have shared together.

Thank you to all the parents who helped by providing dress-ups for their child for the day and to Farahana in Camp Australia for providing extra costumes to those children who did not have theirs on the day.


What a wonderful effort made by all - thank you!