Cyber Safety Information Evening

Everyone who attended the Information Evening said it was incredibly valuable and very informative. If you did not have the chance to join us last night I do urge you to take the time to read through the slide show as you will be surprised, like us, about some of the material that our children can be exposed to on what seems to be children friendly apps and games.

This stunned me! A 2019 Australian study claims that the average time a child living in Australia spends interacting with screens is 14.6 hours a week and interacting with parents is 9.3 hours!

The evidence says that a child of 2-5 years old should spend no more than one hour per day on a screen and at 5-18 years old approximately two hours a day.

We are very grateful to Farahana who once again played an invaluable role by looking after children so that parents could really focus on the presentation. Thank you Farahana.


olives, olives, olives

We have been continuing the process of preparing our olives. This week we have been air drying them in the oven so the staff room smells permanently like a pizzeria!!

We are so very grateful for the expertise of Caterina and Marie.


Enjoying the fruits of our harvest- home made pumpkin soup


Clothing needs to be returned to school please


If your child has had a toileting accident at school and used some of our school clothing can you please wash it and return it to us. We have nothing left in our cupboards. Alternatively, if you have uniform pieces at home that you no longer need we would appreciate having them here at school for the use of other children. Thank you so much.

Running Club for all 

students and parents

Running club for anyone who is interested is on Monday and Thursday mornings Meet on the oval at 8.30 am to run on the oval until about 8.45am. All welcome.


Miss Richards will be organising this running club so if you have any questions you are welcome to ask her or Ms K. Please wear your runners/trainers to run and then students should change back into their school shoes.



Please remember our playgroup is up and running open on Tuesdays and Fridays in the library at 8.50 am. You are all welcome to attend.

If you know local families with younger children they are also very welcome to attend even if they are not part of St Peter's school community.



The 5/6 children were very fortunate to be invited to learn and play bowls at the Clayton South Bowls Club this week. We all had expert tuition from members including the New Zealand World Bowls champion. We all enjoyed it and experienced a great deal of success. We appreciate this initiative from the Bowls club.

We will be returning over the next few Mondays. It is a game of strategy and problem solving so  we are all benefiting from learning this game. It was great fun too being outside learning some new skills.


From our recent Filter it Out sessions

We recently had a fabulous Healthy kidneys education program for all our children here at school. We learnt a lot about Hydration and Dehydration, the role of the kidneys and choices we can make to look after our kidneys. We all learnt about the colour of wee and how it can tell us if we have had enough water to drink.

The posters below were made by 3/4 students.


Lost Property

Please look in the Lost Property box as it is overflowing at the moment. There are so many jackets that they must belong to someone!!


Pyschologist Available

Kelleynne is available for students who may be experiencing difficulty emotionally.  She is a  qualified Psychologist with experience working with children and their families.  This service is completely covered by Medicare. To access this service please speak to your child’s teacher or you can email or speak to Nerissa Kinnaird ~ Deputy Principal who will provide you with details on how to refer your child.  nkinnaird@spclayton.catholic.edu.au


Kind Regards,

Keep warm over this weekend. 


Nerissa Kinnaird

Deputy Principal and Wellbeing leader