Message from the Principal

Welcome to Week 4 Term 3

Welcome  to our newsletter for Week 4.


Thank you to all those families who braved the weather on Thursday to come to our Cyber Safety evening.  Marty and Carley presented a lot of information about games and social media sites. There were also parenting tips on how to help your child accept the boundaries that parents need to put in place to ensure safety when on line.


As a school we know that children are playing these games (see image)- and that's ok. What we ask you to do is to read the links from the presentation - - so you are informed about the content of the games. Did you know that  Roblox has options when setting up accounts? An under 13 years option or an over 13 years. Please make sure your children are playing on the safer under 13 years account. There are also informative links about Fortnite.

One key message for me was balance screen time with green time- using devices is good, like everything, in moderation. Provide opportunities for your children to be outside, play more traditional games and also just to be with you.


We will be conducting a survey about the night, so please keep an eye out for this. 


If you would like  to gain more knowledge in this area, please look at this further opportunity.


I hope everyone manages to keep warm and dry in this wintery weather.

Have a good week.


Sharon Daujat