Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Families and Community members,


It has been wonderful to see all of our students from Prep to Year 11 back onsite for a full two weeks.  While there has been quite a few changes with the implementation of the ACS COVIDSafe Roadmap elements, these have been implemented smoothly.  I would like to thank all community members, staff, students and parents for the collective effort and support.


A highlight of the last two weeks of learning was the return of incursions to school.  The 3/4 Learning Community was very excited to welcome Professor Bunsen into our school this week. Professor Bunsen is a passionate science educator, author and entrepreneur. He has a love for tinkering with science equipment and is passionate about his work, having presented thousands of science activities, shows, presentations, PD sessions and conference lectures over the years. Professor Bunsen delivered an exciting and engaging demonstration on the Inquiry theme of Term 4 focused on Physical Science. 


Students participated in the interactive presentation that focused on the influence heat has on matter. Heat being a form of energy created by the motion of molecules. 


The 3/4 Learning Community members investigated and discussed the following concepts:

  • The difference between hot and cold and explored what happens when matter gets heated
  • They also looked at reflection, radiation, convection and conduction of heat using examples 
  • Discussed sources of heat (friction, electricity, chemical, sun) and found the sun to be the biggest provider
  • Heat effects such as colour changes, melting, deformation or expansion
  • They also discovered that water is an amazing absorber of heat

Here are some reflections from a handful of our 3/4 students: 

  • Jireh – I learnt that a lighter on a tea bag can make the tea bag float through the air. 
  • April – I learnt that it’s not just fun in Science, it’s more thinking and questioning. I think I want to be a Scientist when I grow up! 
  • Mikayla – I loved that Professor Bunsen actually did things that we’ve been learning about in Inquiry. 
  • Layla – I learnt gas actually turns into liquid when cold air goes into it. 
  • Kobe – My favourite bit was when Professor Bunsen made rings from gas. 
  • Evie – I thought it was fascinating that the measuring cup-tube-thing went higher up when it got warmer. 

So much learning and new knowledge!

Remembrance Day Ceremony

Remembrance Day is a Memorial Day which has been observed since the end of the First World War to remember our armed forces who have died in the line of duty. 


At 11AM on 11 November 1918, the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare.


Yesterday, as a school community, we remembered them. 


Our School Captains lowered the flags to half mast, and then led the school service. Chloe, our Secondary School Captain, described the significance of Remembrance Day and the Last Post, as well as reading the Ode of Remembrance. Indy, Kelsey, Arch and Olivia visited learning communities across the school to introduce ‘Lieutenant Armstrong’ and demonstrated to our junior students how we show respect during the service.  


We also wish to thank James and his family for gifting a Modern Soldier Limited Edition Bear. The bear who is affectionately known as ‘Lieutenant Armstrong’ has been welcomed by students and staff alike. 

Face Masks, Hats, Water Bottles and Sunscreen

Face Masks - All Students Years 3-11

Just a friendly reminder that face masks are required to be worn by adults and students (Years 3-11) when indoors.  We encourage students to continue to provide their own supply of face masks (disposable or reusable). 


Hats, Water Bottles & Sunscreen - ALL STUDENTS P-11

As it is Term 4 and the warmer weather is upon us, all students must wear broad brimmed hats (no caps) when outside.  We encourage students to bring their own water bottles to drink from throughout the day. Sunscreen should also be applied at home before coming to school and parents should provide sunscreen for their child/ren to re-apply throughout the day.  Many classes will be held outdoors where possible as per our ACS COVIDSafe Roadmap and we encourage all students and staff to continue being SunSmart.

Whole School Transition Day

On Tuesday 7 December we will be holding our Whole School Transition Sessions.  On this day students currently enrolled, plus many who will be joining us in 2022 will have the opportunity to get together in their 'new' Home Groups, in what will likely be new Learning Communities for many. 


Leading up to this day students will be participate in a range of smaller activities so that they become familiar with the faces of students they may be working with in 2022.  The majority of these activities will occur outside, beginning with a picnic lunch next Wednesday!

2022 Prep Transition

The 2022 Prep transition is now in full swing. It was great to see so many smiling faces at our online transition session which was conducted last Friday via Google Meet. From Friday 19 November, we will begin our onsite transition program.  


This will be conducted in small groups with all 2022 Prep attending 3 sessions with their teacher. I know that we will all make our newest members of the school community feel warmly welcomed as they begin this very exciting milestone of starting school. 

Senior Secondary Information Evening 

This Tuesday evening there will be an important information session for parents and students who will be in Years 10 and 11 in 2022.  This session will provide information regarding our two options for senior secondary pathways: Foundation Pathways (formerly known as VCAL) and ASDAN.  


It is very important that parents and students attend this information session to ensure that families are well-informed regarding the choices available for their child in 2022.  The information evening will be held in the Armstrong Creek School Administration Building from 6pm to 7pm.  Please RSVP on the Google form that was sent out on Compass two weeks ago.  


For any further questions please contact our Secondary Assistant Principal, Alison Balchan at


Late Arrivals, Early Pick Ups and End of Day Collection

Late Drop Off

Each day student learning starts promptly at 8.55 am.

If students arrive at school after 8.55 am, a parent\carer must accompany them to the office to be signed in on the Compass Kiosk before they head to their Learning Community.  Students will receive a pass to give to their teacher so that they know they have been signed in.


Early Pickup

If students are required to be collected prior to the end of the school day, parents \ guardians are requested to please call the school prior so that students are able to be called to the office to wait for you.


Collection of Students at the End of the School Day

A reminder for families that school concludes at 3.10pm each day and students are expected to be collected at this time.  End of Day Staff Supervision finishes at 3.25pm and any students still waiting to be collected after this time will be taken to the office and their parent \ guardian will be called.


If needed, YMCA offers a Before and After School program, please see all the details on how to register and book in the flyer below:

Change of Curriculum Date

Thursday, November 4th was due to be our 3rd Curriculum Day which was re-scheduled due to Lockdown. 


Given the recent school closure, I have consulted with our school's leadership team and the School Council and we have made the decision to re-schedule this again. We all know the disruption our students have had this year and last and we want to maximise getting back into school routines and learning programs without further disruption.


As a result, this Curriculum Day will now be on the second last day of the school year, Thursday, December 16th (focus of the day is on 'Evidence Based Explicit Writing Instruction'). 


This is in addition to the pre-planned final day of the year, Friday December 17th which will also be a Curriculum Day. The final day for students will be Wednesday, December 15th and students will be dismissed at the normal school finish time.


Take care and enjoy!


Evan Savage