Parents & Friends

Hi Everyone,


Wow! How is it that we’re heading into the final weeks of school for 2021 already?! Lockdown has somehow made the year go faster (again) and now the festive season and summer holidays are within reach. A group of us met recently and have been busy working on the fundraising and events schedule for 2022 (we’re busy working on making it all pretty). We have another exciting year ahead! There is lots going on, as you will discover as you read on! 


Festive Fun Day - Monday 13th December

Our community will celebrate with class performances and some fun games on this day and Parents & Friends are permitted to bring a number of fully vaccinated parents into school to help sell Zooper Doopers, support with soaking the teacher (who would want to miss that) and sell popcorn from our newly purchased popcorn machine. Food will be $1 each and it will be $1 per ball to try and knock the bucket of water onto the heads of several members of staff. You may remember we did this last year and the children loved it! 


If you would like to be involved, please click on the link below and send a copy of your COVID certificate to Jenny in advance. Limited spots available so jump in quick!


Christmas cakes and tarts - Orders due Wednesday 8th December

Once again we have partnered with Bakers Delight for our Christmas cake and tart fundraiser. Forms have been sent home with the eldest child (please see the office if you haven’t received one). All orders must be returned via your child’s class no later than 9am on Wednesday 8th December. Due to the final numbers needing to be submitted to Bakers Delight on that day, we cannot take any further orders after this. 


Orders will be distributed to the eldest child on Wednesday 15th December. 


Icy Poles

Just a little reminder that we shall be selling icy poles for $1.50 on a Friday (except 17th December) for the remainder of the term. 


2022 AGPS Fete - Saturday 2nd April

Make sure you add this date to your new shiny diaries as the children won’t want to miss this! We are super excited that plans are underway for our COVID-safe fete, but the fete committee is in need of members to help organise. We have broken down key areas and are asking for people to take on specific areas to help with the smooth organisation of this event. If you think that you can spare a little time, to make some calls, send a few emails and provide an update to the committee, please send a request to join our Committee Group:


We do meet regularly and the above Facebook group is where you can get support from the committee. We have also posted the link to the sign-up document here too. We would love to see some new faces join as it’s a great way to meet new people, develop friendships and contribute to our wonderful school community. As you can imagine there is A LOT to do and as we all know, many hands make light work! 


We thank you once again for your continued fundraising support. 


The Parents & Friends Committee.