Year 11 Vocational Major Project

On the Thursday 30 March 2023, the Vocational Major Year 11 classes travelled to the thrilling Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park to explore the track area and learn about the different teams.


The Grand Prix is also a great place to learn about measurement, scaling, numeracy and mapping. We used this experience to understand the size of the cars, the length of the track and the speed of the racers; which we then modelled back in the classroom to gain a greater understanding. 

Making a 3D cardboard Grand Prix track was a creative way to bring the excitement of the Grand Prix back to the classroom. We built our own F1 race cars, as well as two Grand Prix tracks using things our classmates found from home. 

Overall, it was an amazing and fun experience which helped students understand the topics we covered in class.


Rylee Mcleish and Tahj Woolley

Year 11 Vocational Major