Message From Our 


Dear Parents and Caregivers,


I am pleased to announce that Dom Poppa has been appointed Deputy Principal of Sacred Heart School commencing in 2022. Dom is well known to us as he began teaching at Sacred Heart in 2020 and is currently our Year 5/6 teacher. Dom brings to the position a vast range of experience and a sound knowledge of learning and teaching practices. He is a person of great faith and has been a well respected member of Sandhurst Education for almost 30 years. During that time Dom has had many roles including Religious Education Leader with Catholic Education Office Sandhurst, classroom teacher, Deputy Principal and Principal to name a few. In 2017 Dom was appointed the Foundation Principal to oversee the building and development of St Anne’s Catholic College Kialla. I congratulate Dom on his new appointment and look forward to working with him in the new school year.


Next Sunday at 9:30 will have our Children’s Mass. During the Mass our Sacramental children will receive a very special welcome and be presented with their Steps in Faith books. This is a very special time for each of these children and their families and we will keep them in our prayers as they prepare for their Confirmation and First Eucharist which will take place in October. All families and children are most welcome to our Mass.


Things are slowly moving with the Creative Arts Build. The portable will be moved next to the Sports Shed during the September holidays. It will continue to be used as the Art Room until the new centre is completed. Planning permits have gone to Council and tenders will open in October, followed by the commencement of construction within the month. It will be exciting to finally see  some activity during Term 4.


On Monday our Year 5/6 will head off to Camp Jungai in Rubicon where they will spend two nights taking part in lots of different activities. School camps are an important part of our learning and as well as having fun, they provide opportunity to develop independence and resilience in children away from their familiar environment. We look forward to hearing all about their adventures when they return on Wednesday. Thank you to the 5/6 staff for their thorough preparation for the camp and the staff and parent helpers who are spending the time with them. I hope you all have a great time!


It has been very challenging for our school community to plan events due to the ever changing covid restrictions. The School’s Operation Guide determines how we operate during these times and changes, often weekly and at times more frequently and we work hard to work within these guidelines. Presently restrictions do not allow us to gather indoors in large groups which impacts on Assemblies and School Masses. It also affects many of our much loved events such as our Fathers’ Day Mass and Blokes Breakfast which are cancelled. All classes will participate in Fathers’ Day PPR in their units. Excursions and school camps to regional areas can go ahead with Covid safe plans in place while only essential services can visit schools.  Changes have been made to the Tournament of the Mind and teams will now present their challenges internally to a panel of judges and the school audience.  I would really like to thank Michelle Cameron, Katy Dundon and the TOM dedicated teams for their commitment and perseverance, especially during the many interruptions they have encountered over the past few weeks. We look forward to seeing their final presentations when we can. Families have been notified of the disappointing news that our biannual school concert has been cancelled. As many events have been cancelled it is just not possible to always reschedule them despite all the best efforts of staff. Thank you to all our parents for supporting your children in times of disappointment and the school when these difficult decisions are necessary. Your children know the importance of a positive mindset when things don’t go to plan!


May I remind all adults that while waiting for their children after school they must wear face masks at all times. The science shows that when used properly, face masks provide an added layer of protection to slow the spread of coronavirus. We are all responsible to protect ourselves and others by wearing a mask as is mandated. I thank you for your cooperation regarding this area of concern.


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus continue to watch over our school community and bless us always.


Pauline Hindson